The Maryvale Board of Education provides students with access to various computerized information through the District's computer system.  Parents are encouraged to review the attached policy on Student Use of Computerized Information Resources.

The District is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment within its schools.  Bullying, including cyberbullying, is strictly prohibited in all the district's schools.  Parents are encouraged to review the Bullying In The Schools Policy with their son/daughter(s).

Parents are also encouraged to review the Parents' Bill of Rights regarding the security and privacy of student data.

Data Privacy and Security

NYS Education Law 2-D (Part 121) requires school districts to take certain steps and employ certain methods to protect our students and staff's data, as well as the computer, and data environment. For a list of the requirements please visit: NYSED Data Privacy and Security 

Parents, eligible students (students who are at least 18 years of age or attending a post-secondary institution at any age), principals, teachers, and employees of an educational agency may file a complaint about a possible breach or improper disclosure of student data and/or protected teacher or principal data. If you believe an unauthorized disclosure has occurred, please fill out the following Unauthorized Disclosure Complaint Form.

Additional Data and Privacy Information