Health Office

Health Services are provided to promote and maintain the health of all school children, thus enabling them to function optimally as students and future members of society. This goal can be achieved through the close cooperation of parents, teachers, administrators, school nurses, the school doctor, school counselor and community agencies.

The school nurse cannot serve as a substitute for the family doctor. Therefore, an ill child should not be sent to school for the school nurse to determine if the child is well enough to be in school. The family doctor should be consulted instead.

If a student becomes ill or is injured during the school day, the parent will be notified, using the school emergency card information. Transportation home during the school day must be arranged by the parent. (If a parent is not available, then the person designated on the school emergency card will be called to assist.)

Mrs. Catanzaro, RN, Primary School

Phone: (716)631-7489

Fax: (716)651-0031

Mrs. Kristen O'Sullivan, RN, Intermediate/Middle School

Phone: (716)631-7436

Int. Fax: (716)631-4858

MS Fax: (716)631-7499

Mrs. Lori Meyer, RN, High School

Phone: (716)631-7483

Fax: (716)631-7404