Annual Professional Performance Review

Education Law §3012-d requires a performance evaluation system for classroom teachers  and building principals. New York State has implemented a statewide comprehensive evaluation system for school districts and boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES). The evaluation system is designed to measure teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance, including measures of student achievement and evidence of educator effectiveness in meeting New York State teacher or school leader standards.

The statewide evaluation system established by section 3012-d builds on (and does not eliminate) New York’s existing APPR process, which is set forth in §100.2(o) of the Commissioner’s regulations.

Under this law, New York State continues to differentiate teacher and principal effectiveness using four rating categories – Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, and Ineffective (HEDI). Education Law §3012-d requires annual professional performance reviews (APPRs) to result in a single composite teacher or principal effectiveness score, which incorporates multiple measures of effectiveness. The results of the evaluations shall be a significant factor in employment decisions, including but not limited to promotion, retention, tenure determinations, termination, and supplemental compensation, as well as teacher and principal professional development (including coaching, induction support, and differentiated professional development).

The Maryvale School District has an existing APPR Committee composed of teachers and administrators.  This committee is charged with reviewing the APPR Plan for the District and to maintain an evaluation system for teachers and principals to comply with Education Law  3012-d.  The focus of the committee is to maintain an APPR system that is fair for both students and teachers. The committee is also looking to continuously support teachers with the improvement of their practice.

This site will continue to provide teachers, administrators, parents and the community information about the district's evaluation system for teachers and administrators.  You are strongly encouraged to visit this site for information on a regular basis.