Notice of Grade Promotion & Placement Policy

According to New York Education Law, "school districts are required to annually notify the parents and persons in parental relation to the students attending this district of the district's grade promotion and placement policy along with an explanation of how such policy was developed."


The Maryvale Union Free School District is sensitive to concerns regarding the criteria used for making student grade promotion and placement decisions.  In light of these concerns, and in compliance with relevant provisions of the Education Law and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the District has adopted Policy #7210, Student Evaluation, Promotion and Placement, which is attached for your review. 

Policy #7210 was developed, in part, to specify the factors considered in placing students within the District’s educational program and promoting such students from one grade to the next.  The Policy reflects the reality that such decisions are made on the basis of multiple criteria, including but not limited to: performance in class; past records, including various measures of student growth; parent and teacher recommendations; and any other appropriate sources of information.  It further reflects that while student performance on state administered ELA and math assessments for grades 3 through 8 may be considered in making student placement and promotion decisions (provided multiple measures are also used), the assessments will not be the sole or primary basis for making such decisions.

As with each of the policies governing the operation of the Maryvale Union Free School District, Policy #7210 has been reviewed by the Maryvale Board of Education and adopted at an open meeting of the Board of Education.

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