About the District

What you should know about the district

Our mission is to enable our students, staff and community members to grow as responsible, productive and involved citizens who possess self-motivation, a love for learning and respect for others through participation in a comprehensive educational program.

We take our mission very seriously. We try to "enable growth through education" - among all of our stakeholders: the students, the staff and the community at large.

We endeavor to provide a sound education through a wise use of resources - human and financial - so that we can prepare our students to live in the 21st Century as responsible, productive adults and so that we can offer our community a sharing in that process. As we often say at Maryvale, "It starts with the community".

Vision, Mission and Beliefs


A diverse community, Maryvale Union Free School District is committed to creating a positive environment that provides a multitude of opportunities to enrich the lives and emotional and physical well-being of all.

Members of the Maryvale community are partners in the educational process to ensure that all students meet the New York State Learning Standards thereby acquiring the academic, technological and social skills necessary for life-long learning, cultural appreciation and productive citizenship.


Maryvale Union Free School District is a welcoming community that provides opportunities to grow as responsible, productive and involved citizens who possess self-motivation, a love of learning and respect for self and others.


  • All children can learn.

  • A school district’s success is reflected by the success of its students.

  • It takes a whole community to educate children.

  • The best decisions are made by those closest to the point of implementation.

  • To effectively implement decisions, organizational support is required.

  • The school must make a connection, a bond with each child.

  • Maryvale has the primary responsibility for educating its students.

  • Parents need to share in the responsibility of educating their children.

  • Students need to accept responsibility for their own learning and actions.

  • The school environment needs to be welcoming, safe and respectful.

  • The district has a responsibility for continual staff development.

  • Reading is the foundation for all other learning.

  • Students need to have access to relevant technology.

  • All members of the school community should continually strive for excellence.