Psychological Services

Maryvale School Psychologists

  • Primary School: Suzanne Dell'Oso                   (716) 631-7495

  • Intermediate School: Courtney Nuchereno    (716) 631-7486  

  • Middle School: Julia Thomson                           (716) 635-4685  

  • High School: Jessica Conlon                              (716) 635-4663

Roles of the School Psychologist:

The school psychologist provides a wide variety of services to the school. The school psychologist has expertise in interpersonal interactions, educational theory and individual psychology which compliments the administrative, curricular, health and teaching expertise of other team members to provide a complete educational environment.


  • Assessment consultant to CST (Child Study Team)

  • Classroom management - behavior modification

  • Developing instructional programs for students.(preventative and advocate)

  • Parental consultant and advocate for teachers and administrators


  • On an individual or group basis for any student

  • Crisis intervention


  • Academic achievement

  • Learning aptitudes

  • Social Skills

  • Self-help skills

  • Physical and motor development

  • Personality and emotional development

School - Community Relations

  • Cooperation between school and community agencies

  • Referral to agencies such as youth programs and/or mental health clinics