Cory Schemm

Corey Schemm Becomes Naval Captain

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — With 22-years of service in the Navy, Corey Schemm of Cheektowaga officially became a Naval Captain Saturday afternoon at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

"I very quickly learned that there is nobody else in the Navy quite like Corey," Justin Debord, a retired U.S. Naval Captain said. Debord had the honors of swearing Schemm into office.

Military Career Milestone ceremonies usually take place at a National Historic site, but Schemm wanted to do something different. He chose to have his ceremony at a place that meant a lot to him.

"Sticking to my values from good ol' Buffalo New York, born and raised," Schemm said. He is stationed at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and had many monuments to choose from to have his ceremony-- but there is only one monument he wanted to be at-- his hometown.

"This is the area that molded me, these are the people that molded me... so to me this is a national monument." Schemm added.

Surrounded by the people he credits for his success, Schemm is as humble as one can be.

"It's more important to recognize the folks that help get you there," Schemm said. "I think it's more of a reflection of the trail of supporters behind you."

At points there was not a dry eye in the Buffalo Yacht club mixed with lots of laughs as well, Schemm is extremely thankful for his parents and two brothers, coaches, and wife.

Before Schemm joined the military, he was known in Cheektowaga for his athleticism. The three-sport Maryvale High School athlete was particularly great at football and received a scholarship to play Division one football at The Naval Academy. Just last June, Schemm's jersey number 12 was retired in the rafters at Maryvale High School and is the only jersey to have ever had this honor.

"He always tried hard at everything he has done with football and at the Academy," William Schemm, Corey's father said. "We are really proud, very proud." Corey's father served in the army. The family jokes that when the Army vs. Navy football game comes around, it could get a little dicey-- but William was always there to support his son proudly wearing a Navy jersey.

Naval Captain is the second highest rank to Admiral the Navy has. Friends and family couldn't be happier for Schemm's accomplishment.

"It's an amazing feeling," Dana Schemm, Corey's wife said. "I think back to the days to when he was at the Naval Academy and we would look at the Captains then... and we were young kids 19-20 years old and he always said those were the old guys."

"And I said to him, well congratulations, you are officially one of those old guys," Dana added.

Dana and Corey have been married for 19-years and their story starts at Maryvale High. They are high school sweethearts and have stuck together through all the moves and time apart, Dana adds.

Being a military wife if the hardest job, Corey adds, he would not be here today without his Wife's love and support all these years.

Corey and Dana Schemm will return to Washington D.C. on Monday where Corey will continue to work at the Pentagon under a new title of Naval Captain. He works in the supply corporation handling logistics.