American Rescue Plan (ARP)

  • As part of the federal government’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act, school districts across the country are receiving additional funding to support student needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will receive a total allocation of approximately $6.5 million to invest in our student's education over the next three years. These funds are being utilized to support the reopening of schools and to address learning loss that occurred as a result of the pandemic. 

    Our ARP Funding Priorities which are outlined in our ARP Spending Plan include:

    • Addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, including the impact of interrupted instruction and learning loss.

      • Maximizing in-person instructional time.

      • Hiring additional reading interventionists for the Primary School.

      • Hiring a Math interventionist for the Intermediate School.

      • Hiring an Instructional Data Specialist for each school to help schools analyze data to drive instruction to better serve the needs of our students.

      • Purchasing adaptive educational software to meet the needs of our students such as Freckle.

      • Maintaining staffing levels.

    • Implementing evidence-based strategies to meet students’ social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs.

      • Hiring two additional guidance counselors so that each school has full-time staff dedicated to social and emotional support for students.

      • Creating a sensory room at the Primary School.

    • Offering evidence-based summer and afterschool programs.

      • Operating a k-12 summer program that is open to all students.

        • Addresses learning loss and provides enrichment opportunities.

        • Provides transportation for students.

        • Purchasing of supplies for summer school.

      • Pending approval, we will be offering a virtual after-school program for Middle and High School Students to receive additional academic support.

    • Operating schools and meeting the needs of students.

      • Hiring two additional cleaners.

      • Hiring a Director of Instructional and Personnel Support Services to support the increased demands related to data, grants, curriculum/instruction, and human resources.

      • Purchasing additional cleaning supplies and PPE.

    To view the complete ARP Spending Plan, please click the link below:

  • Maryvale ARP Spending Plan