Special Education

Course Description

Students are placed in programs such as Related Services Only, Consultant Services, Resource Room and 15-1 classes. Other more restrictive programs may be provided off campus, based on need. Students involved in the Special Education Program have the opportunity to earn an IEP, Local or Regents Diploma.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide the least restrictive environment within the educational setting.

  • To provide opportunities for graduation with an IEP, Local or Regents Diploma

  • To provide support in documented areas of deficiency through individual or small group instruction.

  • To provide instruction that reflects general education requirements.


These students are enrolled in regular classes and receive support instruction from the special education teacher. An operating principle of the program is that the teacher establishes the student’s instructional program in conjunction with the academic courses and individual student needs. The maximum number of students in each class period is five.

15 - 1 PROGRAM

These students are provided instruction within the core areas of English, Social Studies, Math and Science following the general education curriculum. The program is delivered with a special education teacher overseeing the implementation of the student’s IEP. Classes in this program are provided in a blended model for some subjects.