Clubs & Organizations

Maryvale High School believes that Learning is Our First Priority.  We believe that a student’s self-esteem is nurtured and built upon positive experiences through strong academic, elective, and extracurricular activity programs.  All three play an important role in the development of the student.  We believe that before extracurricular activities can contribute positively to a student’s development, the academic program must be successful.  Students who are deficient in their schoolwork must seek assistance from their teachers immediately after school before participating in any extra-curricular activities including athletic contests.  Eligibility will be dependent upon the student’s ability to meet the standards set forth in the Academic Eligibility Policy requirements.

CHEERLEADERS and VARSITY ATHLETICS: These students encourage school spirit and spectator attendance at various sporting events.  Tryouts are required.

Contact Person:  Mr. Tim Klimczak and Mrs. Joanne Strychalski

LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Students selected to become a library assistant work in the library under the skillful guidance of the school librarian. They gain valuable, first-hand experience in computer technology, shelving, filing and library management. They learn how to work with, understand and help people.  Being a library assistant is an excellent opportunity to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally. 

Contact Person: Ms. Amy Marciniak

MARYVALE CHORALE: This is a select choral group presenting performances for the school and community throughout the course of the school year. School credit may be earned for participation in the Chorale.  

Contact Person: Mrs. Kate Leo

MUSICALE: A select mixed choir of ninth & tenth graders. Musicale rehearsals are held daily and school credit is given.  Members are selected based on pitch discrimination, voice quality, and past performance.  They average fifteen performances each year and maintain high standards for performance.

Contact Person: Mrs. Kate Leo

PLAY STAGE CREW: Students interested in all backstage activities such as scenery development, lighting designs, audio amplifications and special effects that are a part of staging the various productions in the auditorium should join the Stage Crew.

Contact Person:   Mr. Dan Helms

PERFORMING ARTS:  Students interested in performing are encouraged to try out for the annual musical production put on by Maryvale High School students.  Try-outs usually take place in October, with rehearsals commencing shortly thereafter.  The production is a two day event the first weekend of March.

Contact person:  Joanna Daigler

STUDENT GOVERNMENT:  SGA is the elected body of students whose purpose is to organize ideas, present student suggestions, and provide the school with a student governing body.

Contact Person:   Mrs. Melissa Bernosky and Mr. Adam Smith

YEARBOOK STAFF: This group of dedicated students creates the ‘Towagan, Maryvale’s yearbook, which holds memories of good times and good friendships.

Contact Person:  Ms. Amy Marciniak

VIDEO YEARBOOK: Students capture video memories of the school year on cameras provided by the school.  Videos are then edited and arranged into an end-of-the-year video event presented to all students on moving up day in May.

Contact Person:  Mr. Scott Root and Mr Robert Murphy  

SCHOOL STORE: Students are able to work in the school store during their free mods, selling, stocking and maintaining inventory.

Contact Person:  Mrs. Karen Brown 

STUDENT AMBASSADORS:  Open to students grade 10-12.  Student Ambassadors assist in Orientation Programs and Open House at the High School.  They also help to acclimate new students to the High School by acting as a guide to them during their first days.

Contact Person:  Mrs. Kelly Squires

GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (GSA):  GSA is a student-led, student-organized club that provides a safe, welcoming and accepting school environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The club provides support for LGBT students, as well as their allies who care about LGBT issues.  They talk, connect, raise awareness and plan activities to prevent harassment and improve the school climate.

Contact Person:  Mrs. Ellen Svenson 


Freshman Class                      Mrs. Jousline Abrams

Sophomore Class                    Mrs. Jessica Domino                                      

Junior Class                             Ms. Lynn Foley

Senior Class                            Mr. Adam Norris and Mrs. Sharon Green


NHS is a group of outstanding juniors and seniors selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and character

Contact Person:   Mr. Vincent Cervone and Mr. David Fogelsonger

For many students, selection as a member of the National Honor Society is the pinnacle of their achievements in school.  This nationally recognized honor is both the public recognition of accomplishment and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of the new member.

Students do not apply for membership in the National Honor Society; instead, they provide information to be used by the local selection committee (Faculty Council) to support their candidacy for membership.  Membership is granted to those students who have excelled in all four of the criteria established by the NHS: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The Faculty Council identifies students with the prerequisite 90% weighted GPA, and then evaluates the candidates’ performance in the areas of leadership, service, and character.  Members of the Faculty Council understand the importance of exercising their responsibilities in the most professional and objective manner possible.

Evaluations are based on: 


  • a.    Meets responsibilities promptly and thoroughly.

  • b.    Demonstrates integrity and reliability.

  • c.    Maintains an attitude of friendliness, stability and a habit of neatness.

  • d.    Is cooperative in both classroom and school functions.

  • e.    Sets a good moral tone by his/her own conduct.


  • a.    Renders service, great or small, willingly and responsibly.

  • b.    Helps to create a desirable climate by his/her own cooperative attitude and willingness to support leaders.

  • c.    Shows courtesy and thoughtfulness in assisting visitors, students and teachers. 


  • a.    Demonstrates leadership by inspiring others to contribute to any worthwhile effort: class, team, organization, or school activity.

  • b.    Carries out assigned tasks effectively and with a minimum of prodding by adults.

  • c.    Exemplifies attitudes and qualities which are a silent influence on the good of others.

By-laws for the Samuel R. Bennett Chapter of the Maryvale NHS are available for review from the NHS advisors.