Welcome to Maryvale High School, where "Learning is Our First  Priority".    At Maryvale High School, we offer a wide range of challenging academic programs, and I encourage you to review our course offerings posted on our web site. 

We have high expectations for our students, and have an outstanding staff of dedicated professionals to assist them in reaching their potential.  Our teachers are available for extra assistance when needed, and our student services department assists students with college applications, career planning, and social support.  

The high school offers a variety of extra curricular activities for students that include athletics, leadership development, and student clubs.  Our students also enjoy school musicals, dances, pep rallys and various volunteer opportunities.  We are proud of the programs we offer and of our students accomplishments.  

I hope that this web site begins to give you an idea of the comprehensive programs that we offer, and our ability to provide an environment that fosters responsible, productive, and involved citizens who possess self-motivation, a love of learning and respect for self and others.

Jason T. Swenson

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Castle Learning

This site provides a wealth of instructional and review opportunities for students. The first time students log in, they should use the following procedure: Username: mvale-first three letters of first name followed by first six letters of last name. (If the last name contains fewer than six letters, use the entire last name.) Password: Leave this field blank for the first login. Students will be prompted for a password, which must have at least four characters.