Honor Society

To be eligible for membership in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), one must be a student with a cumulative average of 90% (cumulative averages are not rounded up) or above for six consecutive quarters (7th grade), or ten consecutive quarters (8th grade).  Students meeting this academic requirement are notified in writing of their eligibility.

Interested students must then complete an information form to indicate their participation in school or community activities (activities such as:  peer mediator, library assistant, student council member, hospital volunteer, yearbook or school newspaper staff, sports teams, and musical groups)  These activity forms are then combined with a student essay and character evaluations completed by the middle school staff.

The NJHS Faculty Council (consisting of 5 teachers in the middle school) reviews all of the above information and selects the new inductees based upon demonstration of the 5 NJHS qualities:  character, service, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

 A formal induction ceremony is held int he spring.  NJHS members are involved in various activities throughtout the school year.