Dear Maryvale Community, We have enjoyed Flyer athletics in Maryvale for a long time, as both a fabric of our community and a source of pride. We have a strong tradition of cheering on our team and displaying sportsmanship as athletes, coaches, and spectators. We will not allow anything to change that or to disrupt the enjoyment our athletes bring to our school community. Going forward the following procedures will be in place for all ticketed Maryvale athletic competitions: -All Maryvale High School students must present their current and valid school ID to gain entry to the event. No ID means no entry. -All other Maryvale students are welcome to attend ticketed events but must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event. If a Middle or Elementary student is found without an adult, they will be required to leave the facility. As a reminder: -No backpacks, coolers, bikes, skateboards, Frisbees or balls are permitted inside the stadium or gymnasium. -No animals allowed, except service animals. -No re-entry to the event. Maryvale reserves the right to dismiss any person(s) who disrupt any event. Sincerely, Joseph D’Angelo, Superintendent Tim Klimtzak, Athletic Director Michael Scapillato, School Resource Officer
3 days ago, Joe D'Angelo
Dear Maryvale Community, At approximately 12:40pm, we received notification from the Cheektowaga Police that a suspicious individual was out and about somewhere near the main campus. We immediately brought all students and staff indoors and put all buildings into lockout while the CPD handled the issue. When the CPD got the individual in custody, we released the lockout and resumed normal operations. The lockout lasted until approximately 10 minutes until 12:50pm. As a reminder: In our Emergency Response protocols, a lockout means that no one is permitted to enter or exit any building, but all other operations, such as classes, run normally.
11 days ago, Joe D'Angelo
Attention Maryvale Primary Families - This is a reminder that tonight, September 14th is Information Night - For Caregivers Only. Kindergarten - 6:00 - 6:30, 1st Grade - 6:30 - 7:00, 2nd Grade - 7:00 - 7:30, Mrs. Dragone's class: 6:00- 6:30, Mrs. Ortega's class: 6:00- 6:30 Mrs. Speyer's class: 6:00- 6:30, Mrs. Krolewski's class: 7:00- 7:30. We are looking forward to seeing you!
18 days ago, Michelle Siebert
This Buffalo was painted in 2002 and donated to our school by the PTO. The garden around it was made possible with a fantastic Eagle Scout project. The Buffalo has graced the middle of our campus, but is now showing signs of age. Paint is bubbling and peeling off. We would like to revitalize it and potentially reimagine it but before we do anything, we’d like to talk with any of the students or PTO parents who were involved with the original project in 2002. If you, or anyone you know were involved in painting and donating this Buffalo in 2002, please give Mr. Swenson a call at the High School at 716-631-7409.
23 days ago, Joe D'Angelo
Maryvale Primary School Information Night - For Caregivers Only Wednesday, September 14th Kindergarten - 6:00 - 6:30 1st Grade - 6:30 - 7:00 2nd Grade - 7:00 - 7:30 Mrs. Dragone: 6:00- 6:30 Mrs. Ortega: 6:00- 6:30 Mrs. Speyer: 6:00- 6:30 Mrs. Krolewski: 7:00- 7:30
23 days ago, Michelle Siebert
Dear Flyer Nation, Our new 24/7 MARYVALE Sideline Store is officially up and running! To celebrate, BSN is offering fans an epic, month-long promotion--25% OFF sitewide when you use code SPIRIT. You have the ability to customize some of the items to what you specifically want. Please use the link below to order your gear all year long as well as to take advantage of the25% discount for this month.
25 days ago, Joe D'Angelo
Students and staff can wear red, white and blue tomorrow, 9/8 to show support for the Buffalo Bills and their first game.
25 days ago, Michelle Siebert
Bills Spirit Day - 9/8/22
Maryvale starts a Unified Basketball Program!
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
Dear Maryvale Community, I just received the following message from the contractor working on the Maryvale Drive project. I want to be sure you have these additional details in advance of school starting next Tuesday. That message follows. Sincerely, Joseph D’Angelo, Superintendent -------  “We understand the community’s concerns around accessibility and safety on Maryvale Drive as the 2022-2023 school year opens on Tuesday, September 6th. Due to delays beyond the contractor’s control, work on Maryvale Drive was started later than anticipated. This construction work to replace the water infrastructure on Maryvale Drive was necessary so that the Erie County Water Authority can continue to provide safe, reliable water to both the residents and to the Maryvale School District. It is the priority of the contractor to complete the installation of the new waterline as expeditiously and safely as possible. While construction is variable due to unforeseen circumstances, we expect that all replacement and pavement operations will be completed by Friday, September 23rd 2022. Please inform the families of students and your staff of the following measures and site access controls that are being implemented starting Tuesday, September 6th 2022. *Maryvale Drive, and the Maryvale School District entrance off Maryvale Drive, will be open to traffic during continued construction operations. Road Closed signage will not be posted. *Lane restrictions will be in place as required for construction operations. These restrictions will reduce Maryvale Drive to a one-lane road. To maintain safe and effective traffic flow, temporary signals will be installed on both sides of current, active construction limits. These signals are to govern traffic flow through the lane restriction zone and will be on timers. Please account for any minor delays in travel these additional signals may incur, and that the locations of these signals could periodically be adjusted. *When construction operations affect the accessibility to sidewalks, those sidewalks will be indicated as closed with sidewalk detour signage at the nearest crosswalk. For the safety of students, we ask that any walking student be made aware of this signage, and to follow it as indicated. *All active construction zones will be secured by traffic cones and barrels, and any further measures as necessary to protect the work zone. *Select construction operations may take place during evening and night hours to further reduce impact. *Construction materials & equipment will be organized and stored securely and safely.
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
Maryvale Primary Parents please read the following on the Primary School's Arrival/Dismissal procedures.
about 1 month ago, Michelle Siebert
Primary School Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Primary Map of Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Dear Maryvale Community, The Erie County Water Department began a project in early August to update the water lines under Maryvale Drive between Union and Cayuga. The work is still ongoing and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September. Unfortunately, this will have some impact on the traffic coming into and out of our campus. When school begins next Tuesday, Maryvale Drive will be open to traffic coming to and from campus. There will be workers with flags directing traffic. Please allow yourself some additional time as there could be delays. We will, as usual, have 4 crossing guards for walkers stationed at: • Union and Peinkofer (entrance near the tennis courts), • Campus entrance and Maryvale Drive • Union and Maryvale Dr. (Sunoco Station/ St. Luke’s) • On campus at the first parking lot Parents are still free to enter and exit campus through the Union Rd. entrance (near the tennis courts), but should know that until Maryvale Drive is re-opened fully, all bus traffic will be entering and exiting campus through that entrance (near the tennis courts). This could cause some delays during drop-off and pick-up times at that exit. We understand that this will cause some inconvenience and we share the frustration that this project is still ongoing when school begins, but we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. Sincerely, Joseph D’Angelo, Superintendent
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
We are excited and proud to share this "fly-through" of our new gym complex! Construction is scheduled to start in March 2023 and last approximately 18 months. This gym is part of a generational project (Voter approved in Dec. 2021) that will benefit ALL students, student-athletes, and our community!
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
We welcomed our new teachers, as well as our returning second, third and fourth year teachers to orientation today. Our newest teachers will be immersed in a variety of activities today and tomorrow, including: -discussing our Strategic Plan, philosophy and vision -reinforcing our expectation that they make positive connections with our students -an introduction to our technology and district processes -an overview of our curriculum Our new teachers will also take a bus tour of the district and meet with their building administrators. We welcome all of our new staff to our wonderful district!
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
orientation 2
orientation 1
MARYVALE APPROVES SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER PILOT PROGRAM FOR 22-23 SCHOOL YEAR The Board of Education approved a recommendation from Superintendent Joseph D'Angelo to implement a School Resource Officer (SRO) Pilot Program for the 22-23 school year. A School Resource Officer is a full-time Cheektowaga Police Officer assigned exclusively to Maryvale. The officer would be present at all of our school's arrivals and dismissals, be in each school throughout the day, and be visible at special school events. Additionally, SRO's: - help prevent or minimize property damage in the school and surrounding areas -reduce the need for schools to call 911 -reduce the likelihood that a student will get a criminal record -increase the likelihood that students, particularly those with mental health issues, will get the help they need from the social service and health care systems -increase in feelings of safety among students, staff, and parents "Current research shows that for every dollar invested in an SRO program, a minimum of $11.13 of social and economic value is created," Superintendent D'Angelo said. "But the bottom line is that numbers can't define the benefits a full-time officer would have on the safety of our entire Maryvale community, including our staff and students while they are in school." He added that he is grateful for the partnership with the Town and for the leadership of the Board of Education. "Chief Gould and the Town leadership have always been valuable partners to Maryvale. And our Board of Education and administration have always been proactive in looking for ways to keep our schools safe so that high quality teaching and learning can take place," D'Angelo said. The agreement now heads to the Town Board and if approved, the SRO program would be cleared to start in Maryvale sometime in the Fall. Until that time, Maryvale will still have our School Liaison Officer in and around our schools.
about 1 month ago, Joe D'Angelo
Greetings Maryvale Planetarium Fans! As a reminder, registration for Maryvale's astronomy short courses/star shows resume this September! Reservation begins Monday, August 29, 2022! Cash or check only - no credit cards accepted. Please contact: Michele Caccard, Buildings & Grounds/Facilities 1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, New York 14225 (716) 631-7474 email: The following topics and dates have been approved: 1. Welcome Back...To The Basics! Tuesday, September 20 & 27, 2022 2. Back to the Moon: The Artemis Program in Depth. Tuesday, October 11 & 18 3. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Revealed! Tuesday, November 1 & 8 4. When Galaxies Collide: Take Two! Tuesday, November 22 & 29, 2022 5. Urban Legends From Space: The Biggest Myths About Space Demystified. Tuesday, December 13 & 20, 2022. All Classes run from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and include a current night sky program, which includes the current bright stars, planets, seasonal constellations and more! Looking forward to seeing everyone this September!
about 2 months ago, Joe D'Angelo
Please see this great story on Channel 2 about Chuk Roll, husband to Rebecca Roll, 1st Grade Teacher at our Primary School.
about 2 months ago, Joe D'Angelo
The new gym floor at the Primary School is almost done and ready for our kids!
2 months ago, Joe D'Angelo
New Primary School gym floor
New Primary School gym floor
Another beautiful day on campus!
3 months ago, Joe D'Angelo
Another beautiful day on campus!
Flyer Pride!
3 months ago, Maryvale School District
flyer pride