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Survey on Change in CDC Guidance

Dear Maryvale Parents and Guardians,

As you may know, the CDC recently released updated guidance for in-person instruction. We must now wait for written guidance from New York State, because the State is the entity that actually gives us the directives on how we are able to operate. 

Once we receive written NYS guidance, we will work to assess our ability to either bring more students back for full instruction or continue in the current instructional models until the end of this school year.  

We ask that all parents/guardians complete the survey at this link for EACH child you have enrolled at Maryvale:

We will use this feedback to help guide the decisions we need to make about what instructional model(s) we will finish this school year with. Should the decision to shift to full, in-person, five day a week instruction be made for the elementary and/or secondary levels, we will use your survey responses to place and schedule your child/children. 

Prior to completing the survey, please note:

• A fully remote option will remain available for the remainder of this school year.
• If we have students returning to full, five day a week instruction and need to adjust staffing, students remaining in our fully remote model may receive a new teacher and/or schedule.
• The district is not able to support both full, in-person, five day a week instruction and the hybrid model.
• Depending on staffing, any students enrolled in an on-site instructional model (hybrid or full) may receive a new teacher and/or schedule.

We will keep you informed as we proceed and as decisions are made.  Thank you for your understanding and for your constant support as we navigate these unprecedented times.


Joseph D'Angelo, Superintendent