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2nd Round of Multi-Cluster Zone COVID Testing

Dear Maryvale Families,

We did it! We completed our first round of the Orange micro-cluster Zone testing.  We want to sincerely thank everyone who made this possible, especially our students and staff for being willing to participate in the testing and to our parents for supporting the district in this process.  

Below please find the data from our first round of testing: 

Total Number of In-House Tests Administered: 363                          

Positive In-House COVID-19 Tests: 1

District Testing Pool Percentage:  99.997% Negative

This Data shows that since we began our testing protocols, our Maryvale Schools have a lower infection rate than the surrounding community, which means schools are safe for in-person instruction. 

Because we are still designated within a multicluster zone, we will need to begin the second round of testing next week. 

Information regarding the second testing period is as follows: 

  • 20% of the in-person student/staff population need to be tested
  • Individuals may be randomly selected to test again 
  • Testing Window: January 19, 2021 - February 19, 2021
  • Student testing will continue at our High School gymnasium on our fully remote days each Wednesday during the testing window 
  • Students will be randomly selected from the consent pool to participate 
  • Parents will be sent a notification with information about how to sign up for our testing site or instructions on how to obtain their own testing and provide the results to the school. 
  • Staff will also be randomly selected from the consent pool and tested on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday of each week, as required.  

If you have any questions regarding consent for testing, selection process for testing, scheduling or any other part of this process please call the main office of your child’s school. 

We want to thank everyone again for your support in this process. 


Joelle Burke, Director of Special Education and PPS

Joseph D'Angelo, Superintendent