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Specific Self-Contained Classrooms Return to School Announcement


Dear Maryvale Community,

We are excited to announce that starting October 19, 2020, we are able to safely bring back our Self-Contained students in the following classes for in-person instruction four days per week:

·         8:1:1 classrooms at Primary and Intermediate

·         12:1:1 classrooms at Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School

·         12:1 (3+1)  classroom at Primary

Our self-contained students in these classes will be in session on campus for in person instruction Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They will participate via fully remote instruction every Wednesday (following the current remote schedule).

We are bringing our students in these identified classes back in a slow and controlled manner so we will be using the following MODIFIED SCHEDULE, until the rest of our district returns to a Hybrid model: 

  • Primary 9:00 - 12:15 

  • Intermediate 8:30- 11:45 

  • Middle 8:00 - 2:00

  • High 8:00 - 2:00 

 All returning students will be provided a lunch as follows: 

  • Primary, a bag lunch to go home

  • Intermediate, a bag lunch to go home 

  • Middle School, will be served lunch in school 

  • High School, will be serviced lunch in school 

Our self-contained students will participate in face-to-face related services during their modified day to the extent practicable. Tele-therapy will still continue in order to meet student needs. 

In-person instruction will focus on the core academic areas and students will also be required to complete asynchronous instruction as provided by their teacher.

A remote option will still be available to families but because students will be in the buildings 4 days per week, parents opting for a continuation of the fully remote model should understand that instruction would not be the same as it is being delivered in the current fully remote model. It will be a combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous instruction.  Synchronous instruction will be a combination of simultaneous (live streaming) with the students in class, live Google Meets with the teacher during office hours.   

Teachers of students in these designated classrooms will be reaching out to families on Monday, October 5th to discuss the instructional models in greater detail and to ask parents to consider the choice between remote or the hybrid in-person models. After speaking with your child’s teacher, we ask our parents to make a determination about their choice of instruction by Friday, October 9, 2020 and communicate that choice with your child’s teacher.  The commitment of remote is until the end of January. 

Parents will receive the most current specific health and safety protocols via US Mail prior to October 19th.


Joseph D’Angelo, Superintendent

Joelle Burke, Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services