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Engraved Bricks and Tiles- A Lasting Legacy!

Dear Maryvale Community and Alumni,

 As you may know, we are engaged in a Capital Project that will install artificial turf in our Football Stadium as well as our varsity Baseball and Softball infields.  It is our hope that construction will start this spring so that the Stadium is ready in time for the fall 2019 season and the baseball and softball infields are ready for the spring 2020 season.

 To coincide with the new turf field, we would like to add to the experience of attending games at our Stadium while also celebrating the rich history of our great District, sports programs, and our fantastic alumni and community.

We are making available for purchase personalized engraved bricks (4x8 or 8x8) that will line the path to our Stadium as well as engraved tiles (4x8) that will be affixed to the wall of the Stadium.  All proceeds will go directly back into our athletic programs and you will have also the opportunity to leave a permanent legacy on our campus! 

 This is not limited to just those affiliated with football- it is open to all Maryvale alumni and community members.

 Engraved on your custom brick or tile could be:


  • Your name and year of graduation
  • Your children’s names and their year of graduation
  • A commemoration of a special team or season
  • A memorial for a loved one
  • An inspirational message

 If you are interested, please see the order form here and let’s show our Flyer pride! Tile and Brick Order Form