Greetings to all my computer students!  I miss you already!  I sure hope this message finds you safely at home, healthy, and excited to continue working on developing your keyboarding skills from home.  As stated in the packet I prepared for computer class, I'm recommending the use of Dance Mat Typing and Typing Club as a means of a daily, instead of weekly, practice.  Of course you already know there are plenty of other fun links in addition to the two I'm recommending =)  Please feel free to explore those too!  If you have questions concerning the handouts I've sent home thus far, don't hesitate to email me at mroz@maryvaleufsd.org.

    Finally, don't forget our practice of "I am at peace," and "I can do this," during any emergency situation. We are in this together and...WE GOT THIS!!  I look forward to seeing you when we can all be together in our classrooms again.  In the meantime, stay safe! 


       Mrs. Mroz

    PS. Here's a new link from Code.org that I think you'll like.  It's Express Course (2019)! You can check it out after you've warmed up with your keyboarding practice =)