•  Greetings to all my computer students!  I miss you!  I sure hope this message finds you safely at home, healthy, and excited to use your Chromebooks to continue developing your keyboarding skills!  Third-graders, please use Dance Mat Typing; Four- and Fifth-graders, please sign into Typing Club for your weekly warmup work.  As for our classwork, we will be switching from the Microsoft Word program to Google Docs. to complete our work.  The codes to get into the Google Classrooms are as follows:

    Grade 3:  uk7pkit

    Grade 4:  rlhhkzq

    Grade 5:  dkbwwdr


    Of course you already know there are plenty of fun links that we will still be using right here on my website as we progress through our long distance learning experience.  If ever you have questions or concerns.  please don't hesitate to email me at mroz@maryvaleufsd.org. anytime.  I will also be available through Office Hours 2 days a week through a Google Meet.  The passwords for each grade level are also listed below.  Please feel free to join in for help or just to check in and say hello =)

    Please note:  Change in Office Hours due to live lessons :)

    Thursdays: 9:00-10:00 am


    Google Meet Passwords:

    (Click on Grade level banner in Google Classroom to join)

    Grade 3:  Mroz3

    Grade 4:  Mroz4

    Grade 5:  Mroz5


    Finally, don't forget our practice of "I am at peace," and "I can do this," during any emergency situation. This venture is new to all of us, but we are in this together and...WE GOT THIS!!  We are Flyers and will SOAR above it all!  While I would rather be in the classroom with you, I do look forward to working together in our temporary state.  It will be a learning experience for all of us ;-)


       Mrs. Mroz

    PS. Here's a new link from Code.org that I think you'll like.  It's Express Course (2019)! You can check it out after you've warmed up with your keyboarding practice of course!!   ;-)