• Dear Maryvale Community,


    Maryvale will be holding a vote on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 to ask voters to consider approval of our next Capital Project. Voting will take place from Noon to 9 PM in the Binner gymnasium.


    This project amounts to $29,550,000 and is tax neutral- meaning this project will not increase or impact the current tax levy.


    Here are the details of what will be included in the project:


    Main Campus Site Work:

    -Traffic flow improvements near the south end of the Binner Building

    -Drainage improvements both behind the Binner Building and North corner by the shotput and discus events 

    -Sidewalk replacement near tennis courts and other areas on campus

    -Pavement replacement in the center campus loop, the pavement in between the HS and MS, and also east side of the Binner Building

    -Football Stadium bleacher refurbishment: cleaning up rust, repainting walkways & bench supports


    High School:

    -New enlarged 11/12 Gymnasium with a raised indoor walking track overlooking the gym

    -New dedicated Athletics entrance

    -New sound system and new stage and house lighting systems in the Fichtner PAC

    -New Natatorium roof and lighting improvements

    -11/12 Cafeteria sound system improvement

    -Clock system replacement

    -Finish upgrades


    Intermediate/ Middle School:

    -Hallway upgrades and new student lockers

    -Lavatory finishing and plumbing upgrades

    -New air handling unit

    -New Public Address System

    -Classroom flooring upgrades


    Primary School:

    -Adding water bottle filling stations

    -Upgrades to exterior lighting in parking lots

    -Pavement replacement

    -Sidewalk replacement


    Voting will take place on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 from Noon to 9:00 PM in the Binner gymnasium.