Teacher Student Roster Verification/BEDS

  • Teacher Student Roster Verification System/BEDS

    This page is set up for information on the State's Teacher Student Verification Process.

    If you forget your username and/or password, you must go to the website to retrieve any forgotten information.  The District is unable to help you with this.

    If you still have trouble after trying this method then you must contact the following:

    Phone: (518)474-7965
    e-Mail: dataquest@mail.nysed.gov

    Click the Image below to Enter:


    Verification Reports must be submitted to your building Principal by May 8th!  You can find the Verification Report at the bottom under Related Files.

    Roster Verification Q & A

    Q:  A student left my class during the middle of the year, do they come off my roster?

    A:  No.  Even if a student leaves your class to go to another class or school, they stay on your roster because you were responsible for them at one point in time.


    Q:  I have a student on my roster that I have never seen in class.  What do I do about them?

    A:  If the start and end date is over a span of two or more days then they must stay on your roster.  If a student is on your roster for one day or less then they can come off of your roster and should be reported as an error. 


    Q:  I reported an error and was told it was fixed so why do I still see the error on the NYSED site?

    A:  Even though an error was fixed, it may take a week or two for the updated data to make it to the NYSED site.  The data is usually refreshed during the day on Monday.


    Q:  The end date is not correct on the NYSED site.  What should I do?

    A:  Report it as an error with what you think is the correct end date.

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