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Welcome 6th Graders

Welcome back.  I look forward to a successful year with you.  Below is an outline of the supplies needed, grading procedures, classroom procedures, and discipline procedures, etc.  Please review it carefully, sign the last page and return it. Feel free to make any comments or suggestions that would help me help your child succeed. Thank you. 


     All materials are to be brought to class daily.

  • Agenda
  • Red binder
  • Pencil case/box with supplies (Dry erase marker, highlighter, colored pencils, scissors…)
  • Spiral or composition notebook


Homework: (ACE-After Class Exercises)

  • Homework must be done in
  • Homework will be assigned frequently throughout the week. There may be class time allotted to begin homework.  If homework is completed in school, student should bring the completed work home for a review of the lesson.  It is essential that students complete and return their work the following school day.
  • Completed homework assignments will receive 5 points. All assignments are based upon what is done in the classroom so all students should refer back to their lesson examples and notes.  At least 1 assignment throughout the week will be given a grade  The grade is based upon effort.
  • All work must be shown. Homework with no work shown will receive a grade of ZERO.  Showing work whether it is correct or incorrect will help me understand how I can help!
  • Assignments will be posted on the homework board in class and should always be written in the agenda. Assignments will also be on the Maryvale Middle School Grade 6 HOMEWORK page.

In class assignments:

  • Each week, on average, there will be one in class assignment based upon concepts learned may be graded. Students should be well prepared if review of lessons and participation in class is consistent.  Everyone can earn a great grade!

Math Lab: 

  • Students will attend math lab every other day. This class will consist of continuation of material presented in the core math class as well as group based projects, hands on activities, reinforcement and/or challenging math activities.


  • All students will be active participants in class. Asking questions, taking notes, volunteering to present math problems and explain concepts will add to understanding!  This is a very interactive class!



     Your quarter average will consist of homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and participation.

  • The breakdown is as follows:

Tests/Quizzes/in class assignments :                             60%

Homework completion                                                  30%

Participation                                                                10%


Final Exam:

ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THE FINAL EXAM AT THE ASSIGNED TIME IN JUNE.  The exam counts for 1/5 of the overall grade.  If a student is absent on the day of the final exam, they will not receive an exam score and a “0” will be averaged in to their overall grade.  Make-ups will not be given.


Final Exam Exemption:


  • Students that participate in the NYS Assessments will be exempt from the final exam for that course.

  • Final averages will be calculated by using their 4 marking period grades.

  • Students may challenge the final exam to see if they can get a better grade and increase their overall average.  Exam scores that are lower than their overall average will not be averaged in.  (In other words, the students cannot not be hurt by challenging the exam.)



          In order for each student to reach their full potential in math class, attendance is very important. 

  • Any student who is absent is required to make up the missed work/test. The amount of time absent is the amount of time given to make up the work when the student returns. 
  • Students, who miss class due to other circumstances, i.e. lessons, are responsible for all assignments, tests, quizzes and notes.
  • If a student is going on a vacation when school is in session, work will be collected and given to the student upon return. If the student was out for 5 days, they will have 5 days to complete the work.



  • Students should be in their seats and ready to work when the bell rings. Proper behavior is expected at all times.  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Respect will be given to you and it is expected that you will show the same courtesy to all adults and students.



  • Please use eschool to monitor your child’s progress.
  • If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress during the year, please feel free to contact me!


With hard work and consistent effort, it will be a successful year!


Thank you for taking the time to review this.  I am confident that this year will be both successful and enjoyable.  Please feel free to contact me any time.



Thank you,

Mr. McGregor