• A brief timeline of the history and evolution of Maryvale

    1873-1922: A one room schoolhouse is built on the corner of Maryvale and Cayuga.

    1922-1944: The four room Cayuga Road school was built.

    1944- 1949: A five room school is built on the north end of the Airport Plaza.  Maryvale is a "Common School District" with a three member Board of Education.

    1948: Maryvale becomes a Union Free School District, a designation which enabled the District to build a High School for grades 9-12.

    1949-1951: Kindergarten through 8th grade children at Maryvale attended school at 777 Maryvale Drive. High School students had to attend Depew or Pine Hill schools.

    1952: Maryvale's first Junior/Senior High School opens. (The site of the current high school)

    1953-1965: The District constructed three elementary schools, a Junior High School, additions to the three elementary schools and a new grade 7-8 Junior High School.

    1968: Sixth graders from East and U-Crest elementary schools were housed on the secondary school campus.

    1970: The Samuel R. Bennett Administration building opened and housed sixth graders from East and U-Crest elementary schools.

    1972: Maryvale becomes a Superintendency.

    1983: Maryvale closes three elementary buildings: North Hill, Maryvale East and Maryvale Elementary

    1984: Maryvale is re-structured into Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High Schools.

    2010: The new Natatorium is dedicated to Mr. Gary Brader

    2011: Maryvale moves the Community Education program to the 9-10 Building and the 9/10 Building is re-named after Dr. Robert A. Binner.

    2019Maryvale makes extensive upgrades to athletic facilities, including a new artificial turf football and soccer field as well as turf infield for softball and baseball.  Tennis courts receive an addition of one court and an upgrade.

    2021: An artificial turf field and new scoreboards are installed to house soccer and completely enclose the softball/baseball complex. 


    Superintendents of Maryvale

    Dr. Samuel R. Bennett- 1972-1974

    Dr. Robert A. Binner- 1974- 1992

    Mr. Gary Brader- 1992-2009

    Mrs. Deborah Ziolkowski- 2009-2015

    Mr. Joseph R. D'Angelo- 2015- present