PHILOSOPHY FOR 2019-2020:

    Welcome to Maryvale Middle School Physical Education.  I look forward to a fun and exciting year.  I want take the time to highlight my current Middle School P.E. expectations, events, procedures, activities, and more. The P.E. curriculum is aligned with the NYS Learning Standards and includes: individual, dual and team sports, wellness components, along with wellness and fitness components. This year my Maryvale Middle School Physical Education program will incorporate student social and emotional learning that will involve self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness.  I do anticipate an even greater involvement in our classes as well as our after school programs.  I have incorporated many NEW fun and exciting ways of getting my students fired up about Physical Education.  Please remember, you can only get out of a program what you decide to put into it. The Physical Education department asks that you take the time to always get involved early and enjoy your 2019-2020 school year.  I encourage you to take advantage of all of the great opportunities that the Maryvale Middle School Physical Education program has to offer!






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