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    Learning to read…what an incredible rite of passage in our society!  It’s my pleasure to work toward making literacy a right for every child, not just a gift for some.  Becoming literate affords a wealth of opportunities. That’s why offering different paths for learning to read is so important!


    The Reading Remediation Program at Maryvale Primary School will offer the extra support children need to become the best readers that they can be.  While this is our primary goal, another equally important objective is to create engaged and enthusiastic readers who are sincerely excited about the process of learning to read.  Children that love to read increase their time-on-task for reading every day, become life-long readers and do well in school!


    Reading begins in the home.  Before they get to school, children acquire much of the knowledge and skills that lay the foundation for reading.  As parents, you play a critical role in laying this foundation.  THE BEST WAY FOR YOUR CHILD TO BECOME A GOOD READER IS TO MAKE READING AN IMPORTANT PART OF EACH AND EVERY DAY.  If it’s important to you, it will become important to your children!  Please don't hesitate to contact me (please see email address below) should you need to establish an at-home library of gently-used books to keep!  Many of our families at Maryvale Primary donate the books that their children have already read. 


    With parents and teachers working as partners, we can encourage children to enjoy the journey and motivate them to succeed.  Together, we can work toward nurturing a learning environment at home and at school that will meet the needs of our children.  As educators, we need to set our learning goals for our children, make our expectations known them, , and celebrate all of the little successes along the way.  In so doing, we can help our children enjoy a happy and productive school year as they continue to explore.  As a rite of passage, READING will take them to a world of discovery unmatched by any other!

    Please contact me at zajdel@maryvaleufsd.org for any questions or concerns that you may have at any time!


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