Primary School News

  • Welcome to Room #12

    Information from Mrs. Sledziewski

    classroom aides

    Mrs. Reidy

    Ms. Calkins

    Contact information

    Primary building number 631 7471


    We are so excited to be working with your child!  

    We will be working on individual IEP goals as well as grade level expectations.

    We will individualize instruction to work at the level of your child



    Your child will bring home a yellow take home folder every night.

    The yellow folder will hold all important information.

    It is the first thing I look at when your child enters my room.

    All work will be inside this folder 

    The first page is the behavior calendar.

    This calendar will indicate behavior from that day. 

    Green- your child met behavior expectations

    Yellow- reminders of expectations/proper behaviors were needed  

    Red-reminders were given, expectations were continually not met

    In addition to the school wide behavior system, my class uses a cross off chart with the letters C E N T E R or PLAYGROUND

    We will cross off a letter if a student does not follow a rule.  We will have them tell us the proper behavior.  Letters crossed off equals time taken off of center/playground time.  Once all letters are crossed off-then the student is put on yellow.

    In addition, each child will have a star chart.  When caught doing something good, completing homework, following directions or showing good effort, they will earn a star on their chart.  Once the chart is filled up, they will be rewarded with a trip to the treasure box. 


    Please be sure to review your child's behavior daily. 

    Please check the take home folder nightly.  Any special notes or concerns will be written in this folder.

    Any homeork is in the folder


    **We have snack every day.  Please pack a small, healthy peanut free snack labeled with name.

    **Please send in a change of clothes in a labeled bag in case of an accident

    **Please wear or send sneakers every day

    **Please label ALL items sent into school


    PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I check folders every day.  




     NIGHTLY Homework

    1. Read

    2. Read

    3. Read

    Reading to and with your child builds vocabulary, increases fluency, comprehension, rhyming....and besides it's FUN.

    Don't forget to record books read on their reading log.

    It is never too early or too late to establish a reading habit.