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  • Welcome to the Intermediate/Middle Health Office!


    School Nurses:

    Kristen O'Sullivan, RN, BSN

    631-7436   o'sullivan@maryvaleufsd.org

    Melissa Striker, LPN

    631-7497   mstriker@maryvaleufsd.org


    School contact information:

    Intermediate Main office: 631-7487

    Fax: 631-4858

    Middle school Main office: 631-7439

    Fax: 631-7499



    A nurse is available during the school day from 7:00am-3:00pm.  If you feel the need for the nurse, regarding illness or injury, inform the teacher in charge.  The nurse will contact a parent or guardian if a student needs to leave school because of illness or injury. Transportation home during the school day must be arranged by the parent. If a parent is not available, then the person designated on the school emergency card will be called to assist.

    Health Services are provided to promote and maintain the health of all school children, thus enabling them to function optimally as students and future members of society. This goal can be achieved through the close cooperation of parents, teachers, administrators, school nurses, the school doctor, school counselor and community agencies.   

    The school is responsible for the first aid care of school accidents only.  Therefore, the school cannot provide daily dressings of wounds incurred at home or at school.  Accidents occurring at home are the responsibility of the parents and cannot be treated by school personnel.  The school nurse cannot serve as a substitute for the family doctor. Therefore, an ill child should not be sent to school for the school nurse to determine if the child is well enough to be in school. The family doctor should be consulted instead. 



    Emergency Data Information is required for all students.  We ask that all families list the phone number of a relative or friend that can be contacted in an emergency.  Please call the main office to update your students emergency contact information. A student who is feeling ill must ask permission to go to the nurse's office from a class.  The nurse will then attempt to contact a parent or guardian.  In the interest of a student's health and safety, a student may not leave school without a parent/guardian and the nurse's permission.





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