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    "Make today the best day of your life!"


    Covid19 "Let's Get Thru This Together"!

    It is very important during this difficult time in our lives to try and maintain our HEALTH. Before they cancelled school we talked about the ways we can keep ourselves safe from becoming ill. Some important things to think about are:

    1.) Hand Washing!!!!

    2.) Social Distancing

    3.) Covering our coughs and sneezes with our "chicken wing"-elbow

    4.) Eating healthy

    5.) Proper Sleep

    6.) Exercise!!!!!

    The last 3 practices will help our bodies stay strong in case we need to fight off any virus.

    Mrs. Rizzo & I sent home 2 exercise packets in your envelopes for you to try out to get your body up and moving. They are basic exercises that we have covered in class. Not only will exercises help your muscles but they will help wake up your brain and keep it sharp for when you return! Please give them a try.

    New: Remote PE in Google Classroom!!!

    Starting September 8, 2020

    Here are the codes for your grade level if you would like to get into the classroom early:

    Please check back 9/8/2020.


    Please email me with any questions!!!


    Get ready to have fun!



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