posingPhysical Education

    Thanks for checking out my Physical Education Page!

    Welcome Back Maryvale Kiddos! Hope you had a nice summer!

    Let's have a great start to the new 2021-22 School Year! We all get to learn together!



    Here is what you will need to be successful in Physical Education:

    • Sneakers-rubber bottoms, tie, velcro, or slip on to your feet but DON'T fall off!!! 
    • Personal water bottle that is filled and has your name on it to identify
    • Comfortable clothes for the day you come to school and have a scheduled class (we will not be changing in the locker rooms to start the year. We will update you if anything changes)
    • Excellent attitude for success!

    Covid19 "Let's Get Through This Together"!

    It is very important during this difficult time in our lives to try and maintain our HEALTH. We will talk to you about the ways we can keep ourselves safe from becoming ill. Some important things to think about are:

    1.) Hand Washing!!!!

    2.) Social Distancing

    3.) Covering our coughs and sneezes with our "chicken wing"-elbow

    4.) Eating healthy

    5.) Proper Sleep

    6.) Exercise!!!!!

    The last 3 practices will help our bodies stay strong in case we need to fight off any virus.



    Please email me with any questions!!!


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