• School Closure 2020

    I sure do miss my Kirby Crew!

    In addition to the work sent home, we are using Google Classroom to help you practice your skills. To maintain communication we will be placing weekly phone calls and utilizing Class Dojo for announcements and messaging.
    In google classroom, you will find further resources for you to help support your education. Choose activities based on interest to continue learning~ virtual field trips are an excellent way to explore. While this will not replace classroom instruction, we hope these resources will keep you moving forward!

    * Read 30 minutes daily. Choose a book or online resources (Raz-kids, EPIC, etc.)
    * Write daily - journal, free write!
    * Math lessons~ Work on Zearn lessons based on the schedule shared, study math facts, view math resources and games. Work on any IXL skills.
    * Read social studies and science books/articles and watch science videos. Try experiments at home (with supervision).
    * Draw, paint, color, create music, sing, dance and exercise!

    Please reach out through Class DoJo/email with any questions. Stay safe and healthy!

    3/13/20- An envelope of work for possible school closure was sent home to work on in any order you'd like.

    3/17/20 - New work was prepared for the extended school closure announcement. 

    3/19/20 - Additional material and report card distribution.  New math schedule replacing math sheets with Zearn if able to gain wireless access.

    * Please check Class DoJo and Google Classroom regularly for annoucements, updates and resources to continue third grade learning.  

    * Username and passwords are located in the front of student agendas.  If you need a code or need help, please message through Class DoJo.  We will gladly help you!  We are thrilled we have 100% participation on Class DoJo!

    Mrs. Kirby's Google Classroom


    In order to maintain continuity of learning, we are encouraging students to complete the following Zearn lessons each day (see below).  These lessons will take the place of the packet pages for math. Since many of you don't have your Zearn workbook at home, just use scrap paper if needed.   If you do not have the ability to access Zearn from home, you are encouraged to continue to make daily progress on your math review packet pages.  Zearn log in:

    1.  Go to google home page.
    2.  In upper right corner click "sign in"  (If someone else is signed into your device sign them out so you can sign in.  Just like on our class chromebooks.)
    3.  Sign in with your email (firstlastname@maryvalek12.org) then your MVpassword.  
    4.  Go to Zearn.com and click "sign in with google".
    5.  Choose your account and you will be directed to your Zearn page.


    Zearn Lessons

    IXL skills

    3/23 - 3/27

    Mission 5 Zearn lessons 23-27

    A11, B4, C3  

    3/30 - 4/3

    Mission 5 Zearn lessons 28-32

    D9, E9, F9

    4/6 - 4/10

    Mission 65 Zearn lesssons33, 35-37, 39     

    P4, P15, Q11  

    CODES if needed:
    Zearn - HR3X3H
    Google Classroom - jdw4a3f
    Epic Books - ydv8360
We will get through this challenging time together!