Student Services

  • Mrs. Shaver

    Available on Tuesdays at the Intermediate School 

    (716) 631-7413 



    Each day I meet with students for a variety of reasons.  I might meet with students individually, in a group, or in a classroom.  As you read below, you can have a better understand as to what school counseling is.  


    I will also be running groups to assist students with their social/emotional development. If you would like your child to participate in group counseling, please contact me at the number listed above.  


    This is what school counseling is...


                Counseling is to help students in school:

    -         Feel better about things that happen to them

    -         Get better at getting along with others

    -         Do better in school

    -         Choose better behavior

    -         Find good solutions to problems

    -         Talk about and share their thoughts and feelings


    The most important rule in counseling…



    -         What you say in counseling, stays in counseling

    -         Your counselor will keep what you talk about private


    Sometimes the rules of confidentiality CANNOT be followed. 

    That is when:

    -         Someone is being hurt or abused

    -         Someone talks about hurting himself of herself

    -         Someone is doing something that is dangerous