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Welcome to Computers & Technology with Mr. Wild

  • T.E. Introduces students to a variety of new experiences designed to improve their computer skills and broaden their understanding of our technological society.

    Some of the topics we'll cover in Mr. Wild's classes include:

    Word Processing, Internet Safety, Excel, Google and File Editing, The Evolution of Technology, Measurement of Distance-Weight-Speed, Mechanical Advantage ~ Simple and Compound Machines, Systems and Subsystems, Computer Aided Drawing ~ CAD - 3-Dimensional Modeling and Part Assembly, 3D Printing, Ideation Drawing, Engineering Design ~ Isometric and Orthographic Drawing, Robotics, work skills and equipment safety. 


    * Problem Solving & the development of positive Work Skills are emphasized throughout my classes!

    If you have any questions on any of my information posted please feel free to email me on my link to the left or call the Middle School office at 631-7438

    and remember...

    Almost anything is possible with Technology and the human spirit to achieve! - Mr. Wild (see image & quote below)