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    Peter G. Frank

    The middle years are exciting and full of challenges, changes, and opportunities for children to grow. It is critical for students to get involved in the middle years. Students at Maryvale Middle are afforded other opportunities to grow through extra-curricular activities, and we believe academic success is complimented by involvement in such activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to Flyers on the Run, Student Government and the Young Actors Guild (YAG).  Please remember that parents must attend the Parent Awareness Forum once every four (4) years in order for your child to participate in such activities.  

    We have made some minor adjustments to our schedule this year.  The school day will begin at 7:23 am and end at 2:08 pm.  These changes will allow students more time to get breakfast prior to homeroom.  We also added in extra time into homeroom with the intention of adding independent reading time as well as instruction on social-emotional wellbeing and positive behaviors.  Ensuring that students are in school on time, have an opportunity to decompress and get ready for the day will have a positive impact on their mental health and academic success.

    Student attendance will be a major focus and building goal this year.  Student attendance is one of the leading factors in student dropouts.  Research has shown that missing 20 days in a school year, or as few as 2 days per month reduce the chances of graduating on time by as much as 50%.  In the past, we have focused primarily on reactionary measures as a means of improving attendance.  For example, parent conferences, disciplinary and academic consequences and even referrals to Child Protective Services (CPS).  Although these methods will still be used, we are also looking to be more proactive and positive in regards to attendance.   In June, we brought back the perfect attendance award.  Twenty-seven students achieve this honor last year.  The School Improvement Team will be looking at proactive approaches, including various incentives throughout the year to encourage good attendance.  Please help us make this a priority at home as well as at school so that we can build good habits in our children that will help them in their careers later in life.

    Please feel free to email or call me if you have ideas or concerns about your child’s experience here in Maryvale.  

    Below are some important details regarding the overall school day.


    • New legislation has been passed regarding immunizations. Students entering 6th and 7th grade are required to have certain immunizations prior to the start of school.  Students entering 6th grade and are age 11 or older must receive a Tdap immunization and all 7th (and 12th) grade students must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.  Please submit proof of immunization to the main office prior to the start of school. 
    • Like last year, we will open the doors for drop-offs at 7:00 am.
    • **Homeroom starts at 7:23 am. This means that students are expected to be in their seats at 7:23 am.
    • Students arriving after 7:23 am must enter through the main office. Please note that the front bus loop is closed to traffic until 9:00 am.  Therefore, students that are late must be dropped off at either end of the building and walk to the main entrance.
    • **The end of the school day will be 2:08 pm.
    • All Maryvale students are entitled to a free breakfast and lunch.
    • There will be three (3) late buses for after school programs this year: the Middle School Late bus departs at 2:50 pm.; the High School/Alternate Bus departs at 5:00 pm. Both buses require a pass which you will receive from the faculty member you stayed with.
    • Walker drop off/pickup is located behind the middle school.
    • If your child does not ride the bus please drop them off in the back of the middle school between 7:00 and 7:15 am. There is NO supervision of students prior to 7:00.
    • “Away for the Day” cell phone & personal electronic policy will be implemented district wide. 
    • June exam days (6/19-6/24) are required attendance days. If a student is absent on the day of an exam, they will receive a score of zero (0) and will most likely fail the course. 

    A brief reminder of appropriate school attire as you shop for clothes for the upcoming school year. Please be sure your child’s wardrobe adheres to the District Dress Code as approved by the Board of Education.  Please review our Student Code of Conduct on our website for more specific information on our dress code policy and the “Away for the Day” policy in regards to cell phones and other personal electronic devices.

    Please feel free to email or call me if you have ideas or concerns about your child’s experience here in Maryvale.  s are available after school from 2:08-2:45, Monday through Friday. Please have your student make arrangements to stay to get help as needed. Please be proactive and contact teachers and/or Student Services any time you have a concern or question!


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