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    Peter G. Frank

    We will be opening the 2020-21 school year in a 100% Remote Learning Model.  In October, we will reevaluate to determine when and if we can move to Phase II of our reopening plan, which would be a hybrid model.


    Please refer to the District and Maryvale Middle School Reopening plans for more specific information regarding the three different models as well as information pertaining to expectations, attendance and grading.

    • 6th Grade Orientation – Tuesday, September 1st virtually.  This is for students and parents.  
    • Students will not have access to their lockers prior to the start of school.   When we switch to the Hybrid and/or in-person models, students will have limited access to their lockers as explained in the Maryvale Middle School Reopening Plan.
    • Students entering 6th and 7th grade are required to have certain immunizations prior to the start of school.  Students entering 6th grade and are age 11 or older must receive a Tdap immunization and all 7th (and 12th) grade students must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.  Please submit proof of immunization to the main office prior to the start of school.
    • First day of student attendance – Tuesday, September 8th.  Students will be expected to follow their regular schedule.  
    • During remote instruction, the students will follow a modified schedule (see attached) from 8:00 am to 1:15 pm.  Students are expected to sign in to each class during this time for synchronous instruction and attendance.  From 1:15 to 3:00 pm students will engage asynchronous instruction while teachers receive professional development and collaborate in their professional learning communities (PLC).
    • Homeroom starts at 8:00 am during remote learning and 7:20 am in the hybrid and in-person models.
    • The end of synchronous instruction during remote learning is 12:30.  We will dismiss students between 2:06 - 2:10 pm in the hybrid and in-person models.
    • Our next Chromebook pickup day and times are on August 26 in the High School foyer from 8-10:00 am, 12-2:00 pm or 4:00-6:00 pm.  If one of those times does not work, please contact the main office at 631-7425 or email
    • All Maryvale students are entitled to a free breakfast and lunch. During remote and hybrid models, meals can be picked up behind the IS/MS (Door #13) or at the PS by the side door (door #8) from 11am -1pm.  There will also be an afternoon pickup from 4-6 pm at the IS/MS only.
    • During remote learning, clubs and extracurricular activities may meet virtually when possible.  In the hybrid and in-person models students will need to follow the procedures set forth in the reopening plan.  Activity buses will be available.
    • In the hybrid and in-person models, walker drop off/pickup is located in the behind of the middle school.  Please drop students off in the back of the middle school between 7:10 and 7:15 am.   There is NO supervision of students prior to 7:00.  We will have both back doors open so please pull as far forward as possible when dropping off students.
    • During remote learning, students are expected to adhere to the Distance Learning Expectations as outlined in the reopening plan, as well as the Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy.
    •  June exam days (6/19-6/24) are required attendance days.  If a student is absent on the day of an exam, they will receive a score of zero (0) and will most likely fail the course.

    As noted above, please refer to the District and Maryvale Middle School Reopening Plans for more detailed information regarding the school day.  Grading will be based on a 0-100 scale as in the past.  Students will be responsible for completing all assigned work and engaging in Google Meets.

    Student attendance will be a major focus and building goal this year.  Student attendance is one of the leading factors in student dropouts.  Research has shown that missing 20 days in a school year, or as few as 2 days per month reduces the chances of graduating on time by as much as 50%.  Given that we will begin the school year remotely, students will need guidance from parents and teachers on how to appropriately budget their time and engage with their teachers when scheduled.

    Although organized sports are currently postponed, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. We have many clubs that will run virtually during remote instruction.  

    Open House will be on Thursday, September 24th at 6:00 pm.   Please note that Open House is for parents of 7th and 8th graders only.  Parents of 6th grade students are expected to attend the 6th grade Orientation on Tuesday, September 1st at 6:30 pm. Both of these events will be virtual in nature.  Separate communications for these events will be forthcoming.

    Effective August 31st, student schedules will be accessible through our Parent Portal. Parent Portal is located on our website and allows you to monitor your child’s academic progress. Please use this daily as needed. For more information or to set up an account, please see the District website.

    A brief reminder of appropriate school attire as you shop for clothes for the upcoming school year. Please be sure your child’s wardrobe adheres to the District Dress Code as approved by the Board of Education, even during remote learning.  Please review our Student Code of Conduct and Parent Handbook on our website for more specific information on our dress code policy, as well as the Away for the Day” policy in regards to cell phones and other personal electronic devices.  


    Please encourage your child to do their best, and emphasize the importance of getting off to a strong start and seeking help as soon as possible. With a few exceptions, all teachers are available from 1:00-1:45, Monday through Friday to meet with students and parents remotely. Please have your student make arrangements to get help as needed. Please be proactive and contact teachers and/or Student Services any time you have a concern or question!

     I look forward to the new school year and the continued growth and success of all of our students.


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