Mrs. Rudnicki 

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    Safety (keep to yourself, remain seated during instruction, remain in classroom until dismissed, use classroom materials appropriately)book cart

    Ownership (arrive to class on time and prepared, clean up after yourself, see teacher for missed assignments, actively engage in your own learning, set high expectations for your learning)

    Appropriate Actions (complete your own assignments, meet deadlines, speak to others using respectful language, volume, and tone, maintain focus on learning, collaborate with peers)

    Respect (follow teacher requests and classroom rules, respect physical space of others, contribute to a positive learning environment, listen to and support the needs of others)



    It is a goal in my classroom to use digital technology to enhance learning and promote 21st century skills.  Our classroom is going to be as paperless as possible this year.  The only time we will be using paper is when it enables us to meet our learning goals and objectives more effectively.

    Students will have access to digital tools (Ipads, lap tops, computers) every day in my classroom.  Students are welcome to visit me during free periods, or sign up for the library where they can also access digital tools.  Students are welcome to use their cell phones as digital devices in school, however, please be aware that data fees may apply. 

    Outside of the classroom, wifi is readily available at coffee shops and libraries.  The Julia Boyer Reinstein library (1030 Losson Road, Cheektowaga) is open M/T/R 9-9, W 1-9, F/S 9-5, Sunday 12-5. 



    Use only the device assigned to you unless otherwise approved by the teacher.

    Do not eat or drink near any device.

    Use the device for its intended purpose ONLY.  Any inappropriate use of a digital device may result in the revocation of your privileges.

    Use class time productively.

    Log off at the end of each session. 

    Report any glitches of malfunctions to the teacher immediately.

    Be proactive to avoid technical difficulties when possible; back up and save your work.

    Read digital directions first then ask for clarification or elaboration.



    Students will receive 4 quarterly grades that when averaged need to equate to a score of 65% or better.  Grades will consist of a variety of tests, quizzes, essays, writing assignments, projects, and homework assignments.  Parents - please check Eschool Parent Portal and Edmodo regularly to monitor your child’s progress.

    Students, if you are absent, please check the Edmodo calendar for assignments you may have missed.  Upon your return to school, you will have one school day to make up the work missed before it is considered late.  Please communicate directly with me regarding extenuating circumstances and prolonged absences.

    Late Policy - If a student fails to complete an assignment on time, they will have one week to make up the work for HALF credit.  Late work will NOT be accepted beyond one week of the original due date.  Please communicate with me directly regarding exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

    Extra Credit – Extra credit is available upon request to students who have completed all required assignments.




                                 I've traveled the world twice over,

                                 Met the famous; saints and sinners, 

                                 Poets and artists, kings and queens, 

                                    Old stars and hopeful beginners, 

                                    I've been where no-one's been 


                                 Learned secrets from writers and cooks 

                                         All with one library ticket 

                                    To the wonderful world of books. 

                                              ~ Anonymous ~