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    Course Overview 

    The English curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all the students. The goal of the English curriculum is to enrich students’ lives through literacy experiences. Becoming literate involves developing habits and proficiencies associated with many reading and writing purposes, from reading and writing for enjoyment to reading and writing for other higher-stakes purposes. In English, students begin examining their roles in the world. They also continue, from their middle school experiences, developing their literacies through analysis of texts and demonstrating understandings through writing and discussion. The units within the English curriculum have been designed to make the program relevant to students by focusing each unit around enduring understandings explored through novels, plays, short stories, essays, film, and speeches.  


    Course Objectives

    In this class, we will be studying literature as a springboard for our ideas. In order to do this well, we must be familiar with and be able to analyze the literary elements found in all works of literature. This will provide a framework in which to analyze literature. Of course, it does no good to have ideas if we cannot express them. In light of this, we will study and master writing skills to express ideas effectively. We will also practice our discussion and speaking skills to express ideas articulately.


    Independent Learners 

    One of my goals is for you to become an independent learner. This means several things. It means that you do work outside of class, not just during the time that you are assigned for this class. It means that you adhere to deadlines and assignment requirements. It means that you take responsibility for work you miss when you are out. Translation: I will not chase you down to tell you what you missed. You need to take the initiative. Being an independent learner means you read the directions on an assignment before you ask, “What am I supposed to do?” Being an independent learner means you try to do something on your own before you ask for help. Independent, responsible learners have the skills it takes to succeed in any class at any level.

    I am available for extra help every day from 1:30-2:00.  Our Google Hangout will be open at all times for questions and discussion.  I will be paying particular attention to any questions in Google Hangout during office hours from 1:30-2:00.  If you would like more detailed one-on-one support, please contact me through Google Hangout, Email, or Remind and we can arrange for a one-on-one Google Meet.   



    Why do we read? Why do I learn to write an essay?


    We read to make connections between pieces of literature, history and our life. When we read books, we should be asking, how is this book important? Why did the author write this book? What can we learn from it? Do we like it - why or why not? What ideas does it express that are timeless, ageless, and relevant to all types of people? Through reading, we learn to write effectively and speak effectively so that we can express our ideas clearly and articulately.


    English Department Grading & Late Work Policy

    Daily homework and class assignments will be due the following class. If a student does not have their work the next class, they will lose half credit.  More extensive weekly homework assignments will also be given.  Students that turn work in on time have the potential to earn full credit on assignments.  Students who turn work in late have one week to complete work after the original due date with the potential to earn half credit.  No class or homework assignment will be accepted for credit more than a week late.  Essays, projects, and tests will be given throughout the year.  For these larger assignments, students will be given a due date in advance.  If that date is not met, the student will lose ten percentage points per day late for up to a week.  No assignment more than a week late will be accepted.  

    Exceptions include but are not limited to Individualized Learning Plans (I.E.P.), 504, and LEP students with extended time allotments. 


    English 10 - There is no final exam for this course.  Students will receive major assessments at the end of each unit that mirror and prepare them for the NYS Regents Exam (taken in 11th grade).  

    English 11 - Traditionally, students take the NYS English Regents Exam in 11th grade.  Passing this examination is a graduation requirement.  We will continue to work on skills that will enable students to perform successfully on this exam.  At this time, it is expected that Regents Exams will take place, however, this is subject to change.  Additional information regarding exams will be forthcoming.  As we receive this information from NYS, it will be communicated to parents and students.  


    Remote Learning Schedule

    We will use a variety of digital tools designed to support learning and education online such as Google Classroom, Google Meets, Castle Learning, Edmodo and more. Students will attend live lessons via Google Meets Monday - Friday following their schedule on eSchool and the Remote Bell Schedule (see below). Additionally, office hours will be offered between 1:30-2:00pm every day to answer questions that individual students may have. Recorded instruction will also be posted daily for students to access. 

    Remote Learning Bell Schedule (2020-2021)

    **This daily schedule is to be followed by all students in the Remote Learning Model.**

    Students are required to log in by the start of each class and attendance will be taken daily.

    Simply, login by clicking the link to Google Meet at the top of your Google Classroom page.

    Remote Schedule 8:00-1:30 w/ Synchronous Instruction 


    Mod 1 / HR


    Mod 2


    Mod 3


    Mod 4


    Mod 5/6


    Mod 7/8


    Mod 8/9


    Mod 10


    Mod 11


    Teachers are available for student support: 1:30-2:00pm 

    (Google Hangouts or Google Meets by appointment)


    Remote Learning Expectations

    During Remote learning, all students will:

    • wear clothing that is appropriate for school.
    • use language that would be appropriate in a school setting.
    • be on time and ready to participate.
    • be in an environment conducive for learning, such as at a desk or table or sitting on a couch or chair.
    • keep themselves and their devices stationary during the conference.
    • respect the direction of the organizer of the conference regarding whether video is on or off and whether mics are on or muted.
    • use their own name when signing in to the conference.
    • check that the background appearing on screen is free of any items that would not be appropriate in a school setting.
    • ensure that a parent or guardian is aware they will be participating in a video conference.
    • notify any household members in the vicinity that a video conference is occurring and that their image may be seen and their voices may be heard.
    • be mindful that the chat feature may be visible by other participants.
    • respect the privacy of others by not recording or taking pictures of any portion of the conference.
    • be aware of background noise and use a headset when necessary to prevent disrupting the conference.
    • make their teachers aware of any concerns they have about online interactions.
    • be mindful of the attire of any small children who may be in the vicinity of a video conference.


    Class Rules

    In order for all students to achieve academic success to their highest potential each student must follow the class rules.  The class rules are as follows:

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be prepared for class.
    3. Do not talk when others are talking.
    4. Follow teacher directions immediately. 


    Remote Attendance 

    Students need to be in attendance to learn.  If a student is absent it is their responsibility to see a teacher about materials and information missed.  Students need to be logged into the Google Meet at the time the class is scheduled to start.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session, each day.  If a student is unable to attend a session, they must view the recorded lesson and communicate with the teacher in a timely manner.  Class participation will be ten percent of  a student’s grade.  If a student is not in attendance, they cannot participate.  

     All students are expected to have contact with their classroom teacher daily. During a remote or hybrid setting, daily classroom attendance must be taken and entered into eSchool by teaching staff.


    Participation Policy

    Participation will count for 10% of the grade and is dependent upon daily attendance. The score will be determined by the daily level of preparedness and overall interaction/participation within the daily lessons. Daily participation is expected!


    Google Classroom

    Purpose - Google Classroom is the main digital platform used for learning at Maryvale.  Google Classroom is a useful place to post documents, videos, directions, etc.  Google Classroom also functions very well for essays and group work.  For example, a teacher can assign 3-4 students to one shared document.  This way, students can work together and collaborate as a team.  Google Classroom also works very well for essays.  A teacher can assign an essay and monitor students’ progress live as they write.  The teacher can then give feedback and suggestions in the margins using Google’s comment feature.  In English, we will be using digital versions of texts.  Through Google Classroom, the teacher can assign the text and students can read, highlight, and annotate the text.  Sometimes this will be done individually and sometimes this will be done as a group.  Interacting with the text in Google Classroom is a significant part of a student’s grade for the course.  

    How to Access - students will need internet access; they will go to classroom.google.com.  They will then log in using their Maryvale credentials (fullname@maryvalek12.org, password = MV last 6 numbers of student ID).  Students have already been invited to participate in a Google Classroom for English. An invitation to the class has been sent through Google Classroom and has also been emailed to each student.  Once students accept the invitation, a folder/section will be created for that particular class.  Students can simply click on the class they wish to access.  

    For more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl-tBjAM9g4 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iowi-gmbys&t=4s


    For technical issues, please email - maryvaletech@maryvalek12.org


    Google Meets 

    Purpose - Google Meets is our virtual classroom.  Using Meets will allow students to interact with the teacher and other students live each day.  Students will receive instruction live from the teacher and will engage in daily classroom activities.  Please see the section on Remote Learning Expectations above.  

    How to Access - students will need internet access; they will go to classroom.google.com.  They will then log in using their Maryvale credentials (fullname@maryvalek12.org, password = MV last 6 numbers of student ID).  Students will click on the class and then click the “Meet Link” on the class homepage.  From IOS devices, they may need to click the video icon on the upper right instead.  

    For more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWWmpCMucHg

    Please note - students will not be able to join a Meet before the teacher joins.  If they are trying to join and it is not working, it could be because the teacher has not started the Meet yet.  

    Google Hangouts 

    Purpose - Google Hangouts is basically a chat box for our classes.  I have created a 10th grade Google Hangout and an 11th grade Google Hangout.  Students can post comments or ideas to the Hangout anytime, however, Hangout will be our main tool to communicate during office hours from 1:30-2:00 each day.  Please note that anything posted here is visible to the teacher and all students in that Hangout.  This is useful because oftentimes students will have similar questions.  Any student that needs one-on-one assistance, can schedule an individualized Google Meet session with the teacher.  

    How to Access - students will need internet access; they will go to classroom.google.com.  They will then log in using their Maryvale credentials (fullname@maryvalek12.org, password = MV last 6 numbers of student ID).  Students will click on the class and then click the link posted by the teacher at the top of the stream for “Hangouts.”



    Purpose - Edmodo is a free online platform that enables students and teachers to interact digitally.  Edmodo has features such as anonymous polls, discussion forums, assignment options, quizzes and more.  Edmodo and Google Classroom can be used together to support student learning in a variety of ways.  

    How to Access - students will need internet access; they will then go to Edmodo.com.  They will create an account (if they do not already have one) by simply selecting “sign in with Google.”  They will then log in using their Maryvale credentials (fullname@maryvalek12.org, password = MV last 6 numbers of student ID).  Students will then enter a code provided by the teacher for their specific class and section.  Parents can also gain access to their student’s Edmodo account by emailing or texting the teacher with a request for their student’s personal Edmodo code.  The Edmodo parent account will allow the parent to see ONLY the work of their son or daughter and not the work of other students in the class.  

    For more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u43hwUtw3VQ&t=15s


    Castle Learning

    Purpose - Castle Learning is a fantastic tool for tests and quizzes.  Castle Learning allows students to have tests read and allows students to change the language of the test or quiz.  As the teacher, I can also choose to allow students the ability to retry a question for a second time and earn ½ credit.  This helps a student think through a question to try to understand why they got the question wrong on the first try.  

    How to Access - Students will need internet access; they will then visit the site www.CastleLearning.com.  They will log in with: mvale-first 3 letters of first name + first six letters of last name (for example - John Jones would log in with mvale-johjones as his username).  Password - was self-created.  If you have forgotten your password, simply text or email the teacher to reset it for you.  

    For more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK7DL7p45QE              

    *Maryvale students will have login credentials explained above (unlike the video) but the video provides a good overview of the functions of Castle Learning in general.*



    Purpose - Remind is a simple and easy way for parents and students to communicate with the teacher.  Remind allows us to communicate via text message while keeping our phone numbers private and secure.  Feel free to respond to my text messages or to text me with questions anytime.  Please note that my group messages are limited to 140 characters, but if you have questions and reply to my text I can respond with a more lengthy and detailed message.  

    How to Access - Parents and students can choose to install the REMIND app on their phones or they can simply sign up to receive direct text messages.  I find the direct text messages to be the most useful since they do not require checking a separate app.  Please note that there are 4 Remind Codes available below.  Please choose the one that applies to you.  Parents - if you have a working email in the Maryvale Eschool system, you have already received an email from me regarding Remind Sign Up.  Students - you will receive your Remind Sign Up information on the first day of school or you can refer to the information below.  

    For more information - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3_UQAC9hro


    10th Grade STUDENTS Remind                                                                                                  

    Click the link:  https://www.remind.com/join/79386c OR, using your cell phone, text to the number 81010 with the message @79386c

    10th Grade PARENTS Remind

    Click the Link: https://www.remind.com/join/9k67348  OR, using your cell phone, text to the number 81010 with the message @9k67348


    11th Grade STUDENTS Remind:

    https://www.remind.com/join/hhgah6a OR, using your cell phone, text the number 81010 with the message @hhgah6a

    11th Grade PARENTS Remind:

    Click the Link: https://www.remind.com/join/483g2k  OR, using your cell phone, text to the number 81010 with the message @483g2k




    Purpose - Eschool is the system we use for record keeping.  Students and parents should check Eschool regularly to track students progress.  In Eschool, you will find a record of grades, attendance, progress reports, report cards, and more.  Please note - it is important to check Eschool because this provides the most accurate record of student progress.  If you view only Google Classroom (for example), you will not see grades from Edmodo, Castle Learning, or other aspects of the class.  

    How to Access

    Parent Portal - https://www.maryvaleufsd.org/Domain/54

    Student Portal - https://www.maryvaleufsd.org/Domain/40

    For Eschool login issues, please email portalsupport@maryvaleufsd.org


    Email Contact Information

    Mrs. Rudnicki

    ELA 10 & 11 Teacher

    E-mail Address : Rudnicki@maryvaleufsd.org


    Mrs. Cheri Pula

    English 11 Mod 4 Co-Teacher 

    Email Address: Pula@maryvaleufsd.org


    Mrs. Erin Jerge

    ELA 11 Mod 7/8 Co-Teacher 

    E-mail Address: Jerge@maryvaleufsd.org