• Welcome to my science website

    First of all I hope that your family is well during this unprecidented time.  COVID-19 has put the 2019-2020 school year on hold.  Going forward this website will contain valuable information on the courses that I teach and what the expectations are as I get information to share.

    As of 3/23/20 the studnets should be working on the review assignments that they were given on 3/13/20 or at the school pick up after that date. I will review grading as I get more information on how to have the studnets hand in work. 

    I have posted all graded assignments I had as of 3/13/20 on the Parent Portal. 

    You can contact me via email if you have any other questions. The email link can be found at the end of this welcome statement and can be accessed by clicking on it.


    Mr. Hansen

    Maryvale Science Instructor

    email - hansen@maryvaleufsd.org