Special Services

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    Joelle Burke
    Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services

    Mrs. Sandra Shear                                 Ms. Kathy Pattison
    School Age Secretary
                                         Preschool Secretary
    phone #:  (716) 631–7476                              phone #: (716) 631-7433

    Office Fax #:  (716) 635-4684


     Areas of Responsibility

    • Committee on Special Education Chairperson (CSE)
    • Committee on Preschool Education Chairperson CPSE)
    • Intake and process both CSE and CPSE referrals to special education
    • Arrange for and oversee special education placements as a result of Committee determinations, both in and out of district placements
    • Oversee the development and implementation of Individual Education Programs (IEPs)
    • Develop and monitor IDEA 611,619 and CPSE Grants
    • Process all special education state reporting information
    • Oversee psychologists, speech therapists, OT/PT, counselors and nurses


    Nonpublic School Special Education Services

    New York State Education Law 3602-c states that if a parent, guardian or legal custodian of a student with a disability wishes to have his or her child receive special education programs and services while enrolled in the nonpublic school, the parent or guardian or legal custodian must file a Dual Enrollment letter with the Special Education Office for special education services with the school district of residence on or before June 1 preceding the school year for which such services are requested.


New York State Education Department - Part B Procedural Safeguards Notice July 2017

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