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    • Fax Number (716) 651-0031
    • First Student (716) 684-9440

    TRANSPORTATION OFFICE HOURS:  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday

    **SUMMER HOURS 7am - 3pm Monday - Friday      August 20 - August 31                                           


    Summer has gone way too fast and school will be starting soon.  I am sure that you are wondering when you will be getting your students' busing information.  Letters are set to be mailed after August 23 and should come directly from First Student.  Please check you child's information carefully.  If there are any problem, please contact me at the number above or First Student at 684-9440.  Please be patient with the phones as this is a very busy time of year for us.  Note: I will be out of the office August 23 and 24 and August 29 - September 3.     

    Please make sure that if you need an alternate site pick up or drop off that you fill out an alternate transportation form.  Any requests received from this point forward are not guaranteed to be in place for the start of the 2018-19 school year.  These requests were due July 1, 2018 and are to be a permanent change for the complete school year.  This is also true of the Transportation request form for non Maryvale schools.  Requests were due April 1, 2018 and cannot be guaranteed to be in place for the upcoming school year.

    First View was available starting February 1, 2018 for parents to download on their mobile device or computer.  You should have received a letter from the school outlining the process of how to download the new app.  This app will allow you to track your student's school bus and see where it is.  It will tell you if the bus has already dropped your student off.  It will also allow you to set an alarm for a certain amount of time and/or miles from the house, to alert you that you student will be dropped off soon.  Please contact First View directly and not your student(s) school, if you have any questions about the app.  Their number is 888-889-8920 or you can email customer support at or use the in-app "!" button to provide feedback.  Your questions should be answered within 15 minutes or sooner.   Maryvale hopes that this new app will give our parents peace of mind as to where their children are on the bus.  We hope to make this app availabe again for the 2018-19 school year.  Stay tuned for details.

    Transportation Request Forms (use this for schools other than Maryvale) and Alternate Transportation Request Forms are included in this website, at your child's school, at the administration building or are available upon request.  Please call 631-7437.  Please make sure that your student's school has the current address to avoid any delays in bussing. NOTE: If you have moved, call the building that your student attends and they will give you the information you will need to have your address changed. They will then notify me that you have completed the change of address process and your bus information will be updated.  When that process is complete, you will receive a phone call with the new bus times, bus number and bus stop. 

    Please watch the video for new  parent drop off/pick up points for your children.  Buses will now be dropping off in the front of all buildings on the main campus.  Parents will not be allowed to drop off students in the front during these times and must proceed to the back of the buildings for drop off/pick up.  Please note the times for this.  

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