Principal's Page

  • January/February 2019,

    The Holiday Season is past and we have so much to be thankful for.  The New Year's holiday offers a chance for renewal ie.  attitudes, work performace, academic performance, physical performance, timeliness etc.  Please help instill the 21st century skills needed for improvement and student success this new year of 2019.  In particular, we want improved timeliness to class and school (tardy) to school.  PLease have your son or daughter complete assignments  timely and also---let's attain outstanding performance on examinations.   Please see our website for details on upcoming exam schedules and times. doing better overall---get involved in school!  I encourage students to make the most of their involvement at school with athletics, clubs/activities and of course hard work and determination.  


    See events below :


    12/14:  15 week interim reports

    12/21-1/1:  Holiday recess

    1/8:  HS PTO Meeting, 6pm Alumni Hall

    1/21-  MLK Day, no attendance

    1/22-1/25-  Regents Exams (see website)

    1/28-  BOE meeting 6pm, BOE room, Records Day, no student attendance

    1/29-  3 Q begins

    2/9-  Snowball Dance

    2/11-  BOE meeting 6pm

    2/18-2/22-  Mid- Winter Recess


    Stack's Points for Success:

    1)                Attendance- We need to have our students here and do whatever it takes to see the benefit of a quality education and the positive impacts in a student’s life.

    2)                Environment- Culture is what you allow for students and the community.  Students do not care what you know until they know you care.

    3)                Work- Invest in the work of being a student, ie. Homework, assessment, study  skills, respect, accountability.

    4)                Instruction- Provide quality instruction that is varied and greeted by varying learning modalities and abilities.

    5)                Assessment- We must frequently assess student performance.  Assessment comes in many ways---not always a high stakes test.





    Thomas B. Stack

    Maryvale High School Principal