Principal's Page



    September/October 2019,


    Dear Parents and Students,

    I like you am gearing up for a wonderful school year ahead.  We will be concentrating on technology infrastructure this school year with chromebook carts being available in each classroom designed to increase our digital citizenship and responsibilities at Maryvale HS.  I am happy to embark on the "away for the day" policy that will encourage social interaction of appropriate nature and collectively help our students build their intellectual capacity with communication.  In addition, we as a district will concentrate on physical, social and emotional health of our students and staff, now more than ever.  We hope that this work will encourage increased attendance and decrease instances of tardy to school.  The new state benchmark for chronic absenteeism is only allowing for 10% missed school-time.  To place that number in perspective means missing 18/180 student instructional days.  


    As always, I will work to update the HS website frequently and also communicate via our new Facebook page.  In addition, I will use Blackboard Connect on a regular basis to communicate key events and announcements to parents.  Please feel free to call my office with any concerns or questions you may have, I always welcome you to visit as well!  Schedules will go live on August 29, 2019, at Noon via ESchool.  It should be noted that advanced copies can be retrieved at school on an as needed basis.  I look froward to providing your son or daughter with a safe, orderly and proficient learning environment.  Welcome back Flyers!




    Mr. Thomas B. Stack

    Maryvale HS Principal



    Stack's Points for Success:

    1)                Attendance- We need to have our students here and do whatever it takes to see the benefit of a quality education and the positive impacts in a student’s life.

    2)                Environment- Culture is what you allow for students and the community.  Students do not care what you know until they know you care.

    3)                Work- Invest in the work of being a student, ie. Homework, assessment, study  skills, respect, accountability.

    4)                Instruction- Provide quality instruction that is varied and greeted by varying learning modalities and abilities.

    5)                Assessment- We must frequently assess student performance.  Assessment comes in many ways---not always a high stakes test.