• Dear Maryvale Families,

    This message will provide you with details about the Maryvale UFSD COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan which was submitted to the state. 


    Please read this message thoroughly as it contains important points about our Reopening Plan. 


    Throughout the coming school year, we need to be able to move fluidly between three learning models - in-person, hybrid and remote - depending on regional health data.


    Families who don’t want to return to in person or hybrid instruction can opt-in to the Full-Time Remote Instructional Model- https://www.maryvaleufsd.org/Page/8506


    For any in-person or hybrid attendance, the Reopening Plan outlines comprehensive health and safety precautions that will be implemented including but not limited to health screenings, social distancing/barriers, cleaning and disinfection, mask coverings, and hygiene guidelines. Please review the plan for more information in these areas.


    Instructional Models

    We have developed three instructional models. The Reopening Plan includes information about each instructional model.

    1. In-Person Instructional Model

    All PK-12 students attend school for a full day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students follow a typical academic schedule with established precautions for maintaining health and safety. In-person instruction still encourages social distancing and limitations on large group and social gatherings to allow for the prioritization of student and staff health and safety. We will continue to monitor public health indicators and adjust strategies to mitigate community spread.

    2. Hybrid Instructional Model

    The Hybrid Instructional Model will be used to reduce the student population by approximately 50% and allow for social distancing (i.e., 6 feet and barriers). Students are divided into two cohorts- A and B- and attend school in person two days a week on an alternate day schedule. All students PK-12 will learn remotely on Wednesdays.

    3. Full-Time Remote Instructional Model

    In the event of a school or district closure, students will not attend school in the physical building. All teaching and learning will take place remotely through synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) instruction.



    If families are choosing to transport students to and from school every day instead of riding the bus, please respond to the letter sent by our Transportation Office.  If you would like a letter, please call 631-7437.  Our intent is to capture the number of families eligible for busing that have already decided they will not use district transportation this year. If you’ve made your decision, please share that with us via the letter as it will allow us to plan efficiently.  


    Protective face coverings

    Masks are mandatory for all students and staff in our buildings. Masks will be worn while riding on the school bus, during transitions in hallways and in common areas, entering and exiting the building, and in class during instruction. Mask breaks will be scheduled throughout the day and masks will not be required at lunch or snack time. Please begin to prepare your child to wear a mask by finding one that fits comfortably and practice having your child wear it.  


    We had 110 people join our four stakeholder committees to provide input on this plan.  I would like to thank them for their dedication to Maryvale and for their thoughts and ideas about how to best re-open. 


    We have endured this pandemic together and we will emerge from it stronger than before.  But we are not through it yet.  So please know that in these unprecedented times, we are committed to the health and safety of all of our stakeholders and we will do everything in our power to work towards that end. 


    We will always be here to support our Maryvale students, families, and community.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to help you with anything you need.



    Joseph R. D'Angelo


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