Physical Education Home Instruction

  • Physical Education Home Instruction 


    Home instruction poses some challenges such as staying on top of assignments and being self motivated.  I will provide you the information necessary for you to learn the content taught in physical education here at Maryvale.  What I can not do is give you the desire to complete it

    Please pay attention to the posted deadlines for assignments.  Just as in school you will need to complete and then submit those assignments to me by the date.  If you have questions you will need to e-mail me with your specific concerns.  I will do my best to provide clarifying feedback in a timely manner. 

    For the various assignments you will have to either print the pdf image and then give the completed assignment to the home instructor or complete the assignment in a word document and e-mail the complete assignment to before or on the due date.


    1st Qtr/weeks 1-5       (Assignments Due:9/27/2019)

                  weeks 6-10     (Assignments Due: 11/1/2019)

    2nd Qtr/weeks 11-15    (Assignments Due: 12/6/2019)

                  week 16-20   (Assignments Due:  1/17/2020)

    3rd Qtr/weeks 21-25  (Assignments Due:  2/28/2020)

                 weeks 26-30  (Assignments Due:  4/3/2020)

    4th Qtr/weeks 31-35  (Assignments Due:  5/15/2020)

     NOTE: Your work needs to be in to me on or before these dates so they can be graded and grades submitted.


    ***This must be your own work and cite your references in your bibliography. Use the writing guidelines from the reference section of my web page.***


    Assignment Overview:


    1. You will need to complete four (4) topics per quarter and submit on or before the dates requested above.
    2. The topics you choose  (to be used only once) should be taken from the following bank:






    Team Handball

    IceFloor Hockey











    Rock Climbing








    Home Instruction Written Assignment Requirements


    -Must include: STUDENT'S NAME, TEACHER.

    -Must be typed, double spaced and a MINIMUM of TWO pages in length.

    -All references must be cited on a separate bibliography page.

    -Four (4) different sports must be completed for every quarter that you are on home instruction.

    -Work is DUE by the above listed dates.  Hand in or email the assignment to Mr. Kaplan in person or at


    Assignment Explanation


    Give a detailed chronological history of a sport assigned by your teacher.  Discuss how this sport influences or is a part of the US culture.  Discuss and explain positive and negative aspects of this sport (for example: violence, economic, drugs, role models, heroes, fans, politics, physiological benefits, injury potential, careers…).  Lastly, discuss what influence or role this sport has had on your personal life.


    Assessment Rubric



    1.) 20 points             Follow directions (typed, name period & day, teacher, length, written using writing guidelines and bibliography)


    ü  Read your paper over before submitting it.

    ü  You may include pictures, charts or graphs in your research if applicable.

    ü  Name, Day/Mod you have PE, Your Scheduled Teacher’s name

    ü  Length: 1 ½ - 2 pages of written material excluding pictures.

         12 Font, Double spaced, 1 inch margins.

    ü  Bibliography: Work cited page (Does not count towards your written material requirements).  Do not cite SEARCH ENGINES!!! (Example: should not be cited) rather actual sites where information was obtained.



    2.) 50 points             Chronological History of the Sport (Part of your paper)

    People or person responsible for the sport, significant changes and or modifications made to it, dates of importance such as origin, records, social impacts, etc.


    3.) 10 points             Influence of the Sport on US culture

    Does the sport effect the population in a manner such as role models, fashion, fan following, economic impacts, cultural rituals, etc.


    4.) 10 points             Positive & Negative Aspects of the Sport

    How does the sport positively or negatively affect the local, national and/or personal level of involvement, does it provide an avenue to other opportunities?  Is it promote or deter wellness or other components of our lives?


               5.) 10 points              Sport influence on Student’s Personal Life

    What experience, involvement, desire to part of, interest in those who participate either as amateurs or professionals, etc?



    Please email me if you have any questions.   

    *****  You may also email me your assignments attached as a Word Doc. This is the preferred method of turning in assignments. ***** 


    Your grade solely depends on your work completed.  You will either receive credit for quality work or need to repeat the Physical Education requirements set by New York State Department of Education the following year if poorly completed. 

    Good Luck !

    Mr. Kaplan