Health home instruction


    Health Home Instruction

    Home instruction poses some challenges such as staying on top of assignments and being self motivated.  I will provide you the information necessary for you to learn the content taught in health here at Maryvale.  What I can not do is give you the desire to complete it

    Please pay attention to the posted deadlines for assignments.  Just as in school you will need to complete and then submit those assignments to me by the date.  If you have questions you will need to e-mail me with your specific concerns.  I will do my best to provide clarifying feedback in a timely manner. 

    For the various assignments you will have to either print the pdf image and then give the completed assignment to the home instructor or complete the assignment in a word document and e-mail the complete assignment to before or on the due date.



    Home Instruction Assignment Due Dates


    Home Instruction Assignment Due Dates




    1st Qtr/weeks 1-5       (Assignments Due:9/27/2019)

                  weeks 6-10     (Assignments Due: 11/1/2019)

    2nd Qtr/weeks 11-15    (Assignments Due: 12/6/2019)

                  week 16-20   (Assignments Due:  1/17/2020)

    3rd Qtr/weeks 21-25  (Assignments Due:  2/28/2020)

                 weeks 26-30  (Assignments Due:  4/3/2020)

    4th Qtr/weeks 31-35  (Assignments Due:  5/15/2020)


     NOTE: Your work needs to be in to me on or before these dates so they can be graded and grades submitted.

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