• Maryvale Half Days, School Recess, Summer Vacation & Child Care Information

    Please be aware that if there is only a half day of school, there is no 21st Century Program.  Half days for Maryvale Primary & Intermediate are:






    If you would like your child to go to the YMCA program for those afternoons, you need to contact the YMCA ahead of time to make arrangements for scheduling and payment.  

    You can also contact the YMCA to schedule child care for the mornings before school, during the months of September and June when 21st Century is not in session, as well during the Holiday Recess in December, Mid-Winter Recess in February, and Spring Recess in April.  Child care during school recesses are held at the YMCA. 




    Need Child Care throughout Summer Vacation?  Here is some information from the YMCA that holds Summer Camps right here at Maryvale for kids ages 3- 12.

    YMCA Summer camp at Maryvale, Summer 2019

    YMCA Maryvale Summer camp 2019



    YMCA:  (716) 684-2395


    Brittany Zobrest, Program Director, Lancaster YMCA, bzobrest@ymcabn.org