Maryvale Intermediate School

Growing Smarter and Stronger Together

Growing Smarter and Stronger Together

    • ZEARN


      Zearn Math is based on Eureka Math / EngageNY and designed to partner with teachers to create a personalized learning experience for every student.

      Usernames and passwords can be found in the front cover of the agenda.  All students have a google account.  They can select the last choice, Sign in With Google.  If that doesn't take them to their account, they may need to enter a class code below.

      Flett Class Code:   



      You can use Zearn Math at home so that your child can practice what they've learned during the day.  If they didn't finish the lesson for that day, we encourage students to log in and complete the lesson.

      In class, we go over the homework daily, complete exit tickets and provide whole group instruction.  Then, we break up into small, teacher guided groups to best support the students and strenghten math skills.

      While students are working at their seat, they are logged into Zearn digitally and then complete the Problem Set for the day.  They can also complete Bonuses, located in "My Stuff".  The goal is to finish 4 lessons per week.  If they accomplish that task, certificates are awarded and posted on their locker. After they earn 5 cetificates, they can trade them in for a prize.

      Math is so exciting!