Students will be using a website called IXL for homework practice.  Log in information is found in the front cover of the agenda.

      IXL is a comprehensive math review site with an unlimited number of math questions aligned to the standards. Students received their username and password and are located in the front cover of the agenda.  They can use a computer, phone, iPad or any device that has internet access. 

      Students will be assigned 2 skills to complete for the week.  These skills are written in the agenda on Mondays.  They have one week to complete the skills.  Each Monday, we check the leader board for the students who complete the most questions, skills or time spent on IXL and the top 5 students are awarded each week!
       IXL Questions: 
      • How do I know when I have finished my IXL assignment? IXL assignments will be specified in one of the following ways: 
      • Achievement of a “Smart Score”. The Smart Score is determined by the IXL program and reflects the number of correct problems. You can achieve a score of 100 even if you miss some problems! 
      • Solving a given number of problems correctly. IXL will give you immediate feedback on your answer. 
      • Working problems for a set amount of time. IXL has a timer that will log the amount of time you work in each section. 
      • What if I get a problem wrong? This is OK. In fact, when you answer a problem incorrectly, the IXL program will provide an explanation of how to correctly solve the problem. Remember, homework is practice work, and is a continuation of the learning process. 
      • How do I check my progress in IXL? When you are working within an IXL section, IXL will show you your status. Another way to find out your progress, you run reports from the Reports tab. Here you can track performance (Smart Score)