Maryvale Gets PEP Grant $735,000.00

  • After 6 years of hard work the Maryvale PE department has finally received the Carol. M White PEP Grant worth over $735,000.00. The grant is going to enable the PE department to totally upgrade their programs k-12. The grant will focus on healthy living for our students. Our staff will be able to go to conferences to learn the latest techniques to help our students become physically fit. We will be buying the best cardio equipment, interactive games, and supplies to help our students understand the importance of exercise and the importance of maintaining a healthy live style.

    In order to receive this grant the federal government requires the recipients to have five assessments the first year and four the second year. The assessments consist of K-4 wearing a pedometer for 4 days, the students, with help from their parents, will record the number of steps they take during the day. They will record it every night before they go to bed on a log that was given to them. At the end of the four days they will record the information on a computer with help from their teachers along with a nutrition questioner. 5-12 will wear the pedometers for 7 days, again recording their steps on a log, they will also do a nutrition questioner and a 3 Day Par which involves them writing from memory what activities they have done over the past three days of the assessment. Every student will receive a numbered pedometer that they are responsible for. We urge our students to be responsible with the pedometers, we understand that some may be lost or broken, but we are asking our parents and students to do the best they can with them. If a parents feels that their child can not handle the responsibility of taken care of the pedometer, please write that on the signature form that was sent home, if you did not get the form please ask your son or daughter. it is important that we have as many students as possible take these assessments. 

    I know sometimes new things can be stressful, but this is going to be something that our students and future students can be proud of. We will have new and exciting equipment that will help our students live longer and healthier lives.