• Zearn

    Grade 4 Math Learning with Zearn 


    In order to maintain continuity of learning, we are encouraging students to complete the following Zearn lessons each day.  These lessons will take the place of the packet pages for math. If you do not have the ability to access Zearn from home, you are encouraged to continue to make daily progress on your math review packet pages.  


    Steps to log in:

    1. Go to google homepage.
    2. In the upper right corner click "sign in"  (If someone else is signed into your device sign them out so you can sign in.  Just like on our class chromebooks.)
    3. Sign in with your email (firstlastname@maryvalek12.org) then your MVpassword.  
    4. Go to Zearn.com and click "sign in with google".
    5. Choose your account and you will be directed to your Zearn page.




        Zearn Lessons

    IXL skills

    3/23 - 3/27

    Mission 5 Zearn lessons



    3/30 - 4/3

    Mission 5 Zearn lessons



    4/6 - 4/10

    Mission 5 lessons