Maryvale Writing Guidlines

  • Writing Guidelines for the

    Maryvale School District


    o        All written thoughts should be expressed in complete sentences free of slang.

    o        All sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with an end mark of punctuation.

    o        All paragraphs should have a topic sentence.  This is a sentence that specifically states the main idea of the paragraph.

    o        All sentences in the paragraph should be related to the topic sentence.

    o        All written work should contain correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, and usage.

    o        All written communications should exhibit awareness of audience and purpose. (Example:  Is the audience the teacher, fellow classmates, NYS through DBQ’s, etc.)

    o        All written communication should convey clear and concise meaning.

    o        All written communications should exhibit logical and coherent sequence throughout and include the use of appropriate transitional words and phrases.