Classroom Management Plan - Rules, Rituals, Procedures

  • Rules, Expectations, Procedures

    It won’t take long for you to realize that the ease with which you operate in this classroom, the rapport you establish with Mr. Fogelsonger and your classmates, and your potential for success in English 10 are entirely up to you. 


    • Gain respect by showing respect. Treat your classmates and your teachers the way you would like to be treated.  Displays of disrespect will not be tolerated or taken lightly.  If you desire to be treated like young adults, act like young adults.
    • Do not engage in side conversations when Mr. Fogelsonger or a classmate is talking – it’s rude.
    • Use of electronic devices will not be allowed or tolerated unless directed by Mr. Fogelsonger. Mr. Fogelsonger will follow the procedure outlined by the administration for dealing with electronic device infractions.


    • Follow along with the lesson and actively participate in class.
    • Keep your head up and your eyes open at all times.
    • Complete all tasks and assignments both in and out of class to the best of your ability.
    • Turn all work in on time.
    • ASK QUESTIONS if you are, at any point, even a little confused. However, please pay close attention when verbal directions are given so that Mr. Fogelsonger does not have to repeat himself unnecessarily.


    • Get your class binder as you walk in the door
    • Check the whiteboard to see what you will need for the day. If it lists an assignment to be completed on a sheet of notebook paper, take one out.  If it lists a vocabulary lesson, get a vocabulary book from the cart and have it ready to go.
    • Be in your seats, attentive and ready to listen when the bell rings. During class, participate, ask questions, and work to the best of your ability.

     Please note

    • You will be held responsible for your actions, so act accordingly and expect the consequences.
    • You will be held accountable for any and all directions, BOTH WRITTEN AND VERBAL; pay attention.

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