Plagiarism Policy

  • Read this page carefully, and take the information seriously!

     Plagiarism should be understood as ANY of the following:

    1. Taking directly, word for word, anything from a source and putting it in your paper without citation and the use of quotation marks.
    2. Taking the ideas presented in a source and putting them in your own words (e.g. paraphrase) without citation
    3. Taking another student’s paper and using his/her ideas or direct words
    4. Allowing anyone to copy your work.


    Please bear in mind that Mr. Fogelsonger reserves the right to check the content and sources of any paper, at any time, and for any reason.  Papers found to have plagiarized content will be given a grade of zero (0).  The author of a plagiarized paper will be subject to a teacher detention, as well as a phone call home.  If the author makes a habit of plagiarizing, further disciplinary action will be necessary, possibly including (but not limited to):  a written disciplinary referral, conference with Mr. Fogelsonger and an administrator, and/or a parent/teacher conference.