English 12

  • Welcome to English 12

    Our study this year will focus on four general skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking for information, literary expression, critical analysis, and social interaction. This year, you will read a variety of works that include short stories, novels, poems, plays, essays, articles, personal narratives, and creative literature.  You will learn how to read texts from an analytical standpoint and how to use information from literature, your background, and other sources in a critical manner.  You will work on writing proficiency in multiple genres that include, but are not limited to, creative writing, well-developed paragraphs, analytical essays, and poetry.  Since listening and speaking are also part of our daily communication, you will work on improving those skills as well.  Doing these things will allow you to advance into a state of college and career readiness, as directed by New York State. 

    Regardless of the unit of study, you are expected to complete all assigned independent reading and writing assignments. As this is a skills based class, attention to detail is essential for success.  You are also expected to put forth noticeable effort on all writing assignments to earn credit.  This will require editing of all writing assignments, as well as possibly rewriting an assignment so that you turn in a finished product that is free of any/all errors. 

    BE AWARE:  Work will not be accepted late without penalty –  except in extenuating circumstances.  If you are in the building on the day an assignment is due, regardless of whether or not you are in this class, you must turn in the assignment. If you are in the building and neglect to turn in an assignment on the due date, you will incur a point deduction penalty. The penalties are as follows:

    1 day late:  -10%

    2 days late:  - 20%

    3 days late:  - 30%

    The days indicated above are class days.  If we do not have class, you do not lose a day. This includes weekends.  Assignments that are more than three class days late will not receive a grade higher than 50%. 

    Over the course of this school year, you will need to manage your time efficiently and effectively in order to make certain that all work is done on time.

    Please see the attached Course Syllabus document for supplies needed for class.  

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