• There is not necessarily a pre-established schedule for homework assignments (formative assessments). This is because homework and out-of-class activities depend entirely on what was accomplished in class on any particular day.  For example, when reading a work of literature, sometimes class discussion of pertinent topics, explanation of challenging themes, etc. cause us to take longer (or perhaps less time) than anticipated.  Due to this unpredictability, assignment due dates are not established well in advance. That being said, students always have ample time to complete homework assignments.  

    Students are strongly encouraged to write minor homework assignment (formative assessment) due dates in their Maryvale High School agenda, which is given to them on the first day of school. I also encourage students to write a note, create a calendar entry, or set a reminder in their cellular device to be sure they are aware of assignments and due dates. Should parents have any questions regarding individual assignments, please feel free to email me at any time with any questions/concerns. 

    The major assessment (summative assessment) for each unit of study is a position paper.  Usually, the four position papers that students must write - one for each of the four units of study, one per quarter - will be due the week that the quarter ends. Students will be made aware of due dates well in advance - typically at least one month before the major assessment is due.  

    Terms Defined

    Minor Homework (formative assessment):  this type of assignment typically takes the form of either a well-developed paragraph of 6 - 10 sentences or a set of post-reading questions.  

    Major Assessments (summative assessment):  this type of assignment will take the form of a position paper.  While the actual length of the paper may vary, most must be at least 3 -4 double-spaced pages in length. Students may be required to complete all steps of the writing process (graphic organizer, rough draft, peer editing, and typed final copy) for each position paper.